Want To Apply For NNAT Test? Everything To Know

The NNAT test, or what we call as Naglieri Nonverbal Aptitude Test is considered as an exam that is utilized to find out if a student is able to qualify for admission into a special yet gifted program.

The test uses different colors and shapes in order to determine the general ability of a student. By not taking into account the lingual skills, this test helps all the school's talented and gifted programs recognize wonderful yet bright students who do not use English as their first language.

Continue reading to know more about the test, how to prepare, and get started. We bet this piece of information will be really beneficial for you.

What is the NNAT test? A brief

The naglieri nonverbal ability test (NNAT test) examines the general ability of a student in two different categories which are problem-solving and nonverbal reasoning. Both of these categories are very essential indicators when it comes to long-term academic success. Any student between the age of four to seventeen is eligible to apply for this test.

The NNAT test is divided into seven different categories. If you want to apply for the test, you need to know that every category is denoted by a letter. Basically, it depends on the age of the student and the grade he/she is applying for. Whichever level you are applying for, remember that all of them consist of forty-eight questions in total. In addition to this, you have thirty minutes to complete the exam. This means that the student must answer every question as soon as possible.

When was the NNAT test found?

The NNAT test was invented by a very famous psychologist named Jack Naglieri. However, this test was administered in the year 2008. Since then till the present, there are a number of changes that the test has gone through. NNAT test was continued by NNAT 2 which was introduced in 2008. In no time, NNAT 3 will also be introduced. Professionals have made a statement that this test will be the newest and the most effective one.

NNAT Questions you need to answer

If you are applying for the NNAT test, you might really be curious to know about what type of questions will be asked. Well, do not worry. We have got your back. There are four different sections. They consist of pattern completion, reasoning by analogy, spatial visualization, and serial reasoning. Nevertheless, for the students who are of young age, questions covering visualization and spatial reasoning are not asked.

Pattern completion:
All the students are offered a design that is not completed. They have to check that image and find out the right answer.

Reasoning by analogy: The students have to find out the analogous relationships between a plethora of shapes. Only then they will be able to find the right shape and this is who a certain pattern will be completed.

Serial reasoning:
The students are offered a plethora of ways so that a specific column is completed by them in the given time. In order to select the right answer, the student has to find out how objects change across the given columns and rows.

Spatial visualization:
The students need to visualize how objects will look in case they are rotated, changed, or combined with one another.

Applying for the NNAT test? Keep all the above-mentioned information in mind and you are good to go.