LeachWallace Associates, Inc. provides expert consultancy in the areas whichrequire mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services, energysystems design and evaluation, commissioning, testing and balancing services. Havingalmost 30 years track record in these areas, the company has a large clientelewhich has come to trust its valuable and dependable capability to put on-streamprojects that require the highest standards in engineering system design andoperation. No wonder their clients continue to trust the firm’s efficientdelivery of consistently excellent services.     

With its vast exposure invarious project issues and solutions, Leach Wallace has gained the competenceand flexibility to comprehend the requirements of its many clients,particularly in the identification and potential choices that lead to theultimate optimum design of mechanical and electrical systems. The process ofarriving at the recommended solutions demands a period of thorough discussionand conceptualization in the project development stage until its fullcompletion. Applying its broad perspective gained from many years of experienceto avoid being scammed, Leach Wallace consulting engineers can readily presentthe project’s road map through the expected opportunities and risks projectedby possible alternatives. Along with that technical overview, the company canalso provide cost projections and economic evaluation as integral parts of thetotal development process. The aim in all this procedure is to constantlyconsider the benefits that the clients will gain from the project’s continuedimplementation.

Mechanical engineering,essentially, covers many kinds of building-systems design, which includeair-conditioning, heating, ventilation, plumbing, specialty piping systems andfire prevention. All these serve as the heart and soul of a structure’sinternal life which, in turn, allows humans to efficiently and comfortablyoccupy what would otherwise be cold, damp, dark or hot physical spaces only fitfor pests and other low creatures. Leach Wallace, thus, provides a special andvaluable contribution to the improvement and maintenance of social and economicprogress in the country. It continues to deliver quality professionalconsultancy as a commitment to satisfy the needs of its enterprising clientswho form part of the nation’s engine for growth and development.