Welcome to my weekly diary, i will write about my last week every tuesday. So stay tuned! This is also my first post, i hope you''ll enjoy reading it.

Last week i was sick. It was soo boring, but i got to sleep so that's one good thing. I didn't do anything except for sleeping and eating.

The tuesday was interesting tho, i was watching a video from Laxton Ghost Sweden on youtube, subscribe to them if you are as interested in ghosts as me, they are really great (if you're swedish ofc). Anyway, and they were watching some pictures and videos other people had sent to them of ''ghosts''. They watch it and sees if it's fake or not, sometimes they can't figure out what it is they're seeing. So, they have an email,, where you can send in your fotage of ''ghost''. And that's when i remembered that my dad recorded a video about 3 years ago. On his noodle bowl, it was dragged. Not fast tho, but fast enough for us to see that it was moving. He noticed that before he started to record, so really cool it kept on moving when dad picked up his phone to try and get it on film.​ And he did! I was very uneasy that same night, i was going to sleep at my dads. He didn't show me the video until we got home to his place, i was terrifyed the rest of that night. Seriously, his ''home'' was really disturbing. He was living in a rentable ''basement'' in an old mans house for the moment until he could find something else. So it was very creepy to sleep there. The toilet was in the corridor down in the basement, so not in the place where my dad lived. So everytime i had to go to the bathroom or to brush my teeth i felt like i was being watched, so i always hurried back and closed the door. Anywaaayyyy, so i sent that video to Laxton, and they answered me!! And asked if they could take a look at it in one of their videos ''Spöken på bild''. Ofc i said yes, i want to hear what they have to say about it.

I was so done with life because we were free from school last wednesday and thursday, and when we are free from school we gotta work at home. So we had nine tasks to do... Lucky me i only had to do seven of them. I couldn't go swimming on the wednesday because of my cold. And i couldn't read because my book was in school. So yeah.. Anyway the tasks wasn't that hard but not that funny either, like i would've wanted to watch Friends or youtube instead but school goes first... It was also my mothers birthday last wednesday, we celebrated her a little because we had a family gathering last saturday. It was me, my mom, Flemming, my little sister Isabelle, my grandparents and the dogs. Leah and Kiwi.

Last friday we had a assessment in novel writing, it went really great actually. Then we watched ''The boy in the striped pyjamas''. It was horrible, i was so deppressed after school. But then i got in a happier mood cause i went to a shoppingcenter with Julia and her two friends, My and Linnea. It was super fun! I found one pair of mom jeans with stitched roses on the frontpockets. Then me and Julia went home to her place, we had a sleepover. It was very funny, it's always funny to be with her. I always laugh with her. The day after we celebrated my mom a little more cause, family gathering. Eden came, i spent the rest of the day with her. We had fun, we ate pizza later that day, then she went home. And finally it was sunday, i had so much headache when i woke up. So i spent the whole sunday inside, in my bed, watching youtube and eating candy.

This was my horrible but funny week, hope you enjoyed reading it! Have a good day!

​Shauni Svensson