Tattoos: Proper care of damaged skin

The process of improving tattoos

Every person's skin reacts to tattoos differently. How much the improvement process will take depends on factors such as

· The place to tattoo the picture. The process of improving the tattoo is easier if the picture is tattooed on the abdomen, thighs, seat or chest. If it is on areas such as the neck, ankles, fingers, complete recovery may take longer.

· Picture area The bigger it is, the longer the recovery process.

· The thickness of the lines. Thin lines improve faster because they contain less paint. One should not ignore the individual characteristics of the organism, age, the presence of chronic diseases, etc.

Tattoo care after tattooing

To reduce the loss of pigment as much as possible, և "before" և "after" tattoos can be enjoyed for many years, it is possible to arrange the right skin care in the beginning. Experts have different approaches, but the general advice is as follows:

  1. In the evening or the next day it is necessary to remove the protective layer, which was fixed by the specialist. Some people recommend washing irritated skin with antibacterial soap. It is not allowed to trample the embossed part, nor to take hot baths.
  2. After the hygienic process, the tattoo area should be dried with a clean towel, a special healing conditioner should be applied on the tattoo.
Choosing a tattoo enhancement tool

The first tattoo treatment with anti-inflammatory delicacy is done in the salon. The specialist shows what the finished picture looks like. Ստանալ After receiving the client's consent, he applies a treatment on it, attaching a protective film on it.

For further care it is necessary to buy wound healing remedies օգտագործել use it 1-2 times a day as a care Inkeeze products for damaged skin. When choosing a medicine, care should be taken to include one or more active ingredients

· Regenerating ingredients, such as provitamin B5. It is considered to be one of the most effective components of wound healing. Stimulates metabolism in damaged tissues, due to which the skin recovers faster.

· Antibacterial compounds, such as chlorhexidine, can help prevent infection of damaged skin.

It is desirable that the delicacy for improving tattoos does not contain fragrances և dyes that have the ability to irritate damaged skin.

"Beaten Plus" delicacy for the care of unhealthy tattoos

Beaten Plus delicacy can be used to treat unhealthy tattoos. Due to the content of provitamin B5 chlorhexidine, it disinfects inflamed skin, stimulates the recovery process. Its cooling properties soothe the pain.

"Beaten Plus" delicacy is easy, quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy marks on the skin or clothes.

Improvement stages

Salon experts usually present the process of improving tattoos as follows:

  1. The first day. The skin is swollen and inflamed. Traces of dye are observed on its surface. It is stained blood water, not the dye leaking from the skin, as some people think.
  2. The second day. Blood water does not flow anymore! The skin begins to adapt to the dye. An unpleasant feeling of tightness may occur. In this case, the remedies used for improvement can help, for example, Bepanten Plus.
  3. Third day. There is a peel on the tattoo. It can cause severe itching. It is not allowed to tear or scratch it. To eliminate the discomfort, it is necessary to regularly gently touch the irritated skin by hand, apply the healing conditioner.

To avoid severe skin inflammation after getting a tattoo, you need to remember the following rules:

  1. Follow the advice given by the salon specialist.
  2. Treat damaged skin daily with restorative creams.
  3. Gently treat the tattoo area. Inflamed skin is not allowed to scratch or rub.
  4. Keep the unhealed tattoo clean, protect it from the sun.



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