Hi’ it’s Filip!

We arrived at the final stop on our USA tour.So we decided to finish it with something big, a visit to Hawaii for nine days!We stayed at Turtle Bay Resort close to the beach. On our stay, we were going to enjoy the beach andvisit the famous Pearl Harbor.

The flight from Arizona took some time so wearrived in the afternoon. We thought it was a little bit late for any bigexpeditions, instead, we decided toexplore the area and cool down a bit. We rested at the hotel and soon visitedthe beach where we ate at a restaurant. It was delicious!

The second day we went for our visit to PearlHarbor. Pearl Harbor is a famous harbor on the Oahu Island due to its history. Itwas bombed in the 40’s during the Second World War. We got a tour of thefacility and it was very interesting!

Our third day consisted mainly of snorkeling andswimming, I even tried surfing! However, I must say that it isn’t something I’mterribly good at. That is basically how the rest of the days looked like, but Imust tell how amazing scuba diving is in Hawaii! We dove down to the corsair planewreck who sank in 1948 due to fuel leakage. The pilot survived but the planesank rather quickly, making it a perfect diving site for tourists!

This is the end ofour journey and, therefore, our blog. I reallyhope that you liked our blog and that you learned something new by followingit. Farewell!

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Hi, Filip Here!

I knew I had to visit the Grand Canyon duringthis trip, so that is why we’re here! We made quite a huge miss on the hoteldue to the fact that it’s situated three and a half hours from the Grand Canyon.

We took the bus to the car rental, and by 11 amwe were on our way to Grand Canyon! The scenery on the way there were mostlydesert, but it was still incredibly beautiful. The road was a typical American road.When we finally arrived, a little more than 2 hours later, we were faced by astaggering view.

The canyon is very old and was shaped by the ColoradoRiver over the course of 5 million years. It is now a home for 355 birdspecies, 89 mammals and 65 reptile species, which is a lot of animals for sucha deserted place. When the canyon first got it’s recognition as a national parkthere was around 45 000 visitors annually. However, today there are overfive million visitors annually, which makes it the second most visited nationalpark in the United States.

Down in the canyon there are waterfalls and wevisited the most famous one, the Havasu Falls. The water is turquoise and the rockshave beautiful formations. The color is caused from the water being storedunderground for 30 thousand years, and during that period it drained enormousamounts minerals which is reflected in the water and giving it a beautifulshine! When the water comes to the surface all the minerals begin to crystalizeand starts building rocks, because of that the waterfall keeps reshaping itselfforever! This is a place I highly recommend to visit.

Until our next stop, see ya!



Aloha, it’s Selma!

Now we’re in Hawaii! We took the night plane from Arizona because of the long flight to get here. We live at a hotel called Turtle Bay Resort, it’s located right next to the beach and it’s so beautiful.

This time, we’re staying a bit longer than the other places we’ve been to, the plan is to stay here for nine days. Our plans in Hawaii is to visit Pearl Harbor, get some tan, bath, surf, eat good food, relax and have a great time!

First day: We checked in at our hotel and settled down for a couple of hours before we went down to check out the beach. The water had the perfect temperature considering the warm climate, and the surrounding was incredible. We went to a very nice restaurant after the walk on the beach, they had fantastic food and the dessert was to die for!

The second day: This day was “Pearl Harbor-day”. Pearl Harbor is a lagoon harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, west of Honolulu. Pearl Harbor is most known for the attack by a Japanese airplane 1941, 2 402 people died. The attack on Pearl Harbor, and that Germany declared war on the USA four days later, resulted that the United States entered the Second World War. It was an interesting lecture and I would absolutely recommend visiting Pearl Harbor!

Today (the third day) was a beach-day, we’ve surfed, snorkeled, tried to get some tan and we’ve also tasted some really strange fruits at one of the food stalls. This is probably how the rest of the days here is going to look like, so I want to thank you for reading our blog and I hope you’ve enjoyed it, goodbye!



Hi, it’s Selma!

We live in a hotel called Doubletree by Hilton Flagstaff here in north Arizona. We decided to rent a car this time and take a trip to Grand Canyon and the Havasu falls.

We started the day with some breakfast at the hotel before we took the bus to the car rental. We were on our way to Grand Canyon at 11 a.m. and arrived about 2 hours later due to the beautiful environment, we just had to stop the car and watch it.

The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River. It's 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and attains a depth of over a mile (6,093 feet or 1,857 meters). You could see all the stone layers from different ages, the guide told us that the last layer you could see was 250 million years old and the other layer was of course even older! It was really something unusual and fascinating!

We went to the Havasu Falls after the guided tour at the Grand Canyon, it is a waterfall of Havasu Creek, located in the Grand Canyon. It’s a beautiful place, it’s like one of those places you only see in movies or pictures. The water is light blue and there are waterfalls everywhere. I would say that if you get the chance to visit Havasu Falls, do it, you will not be disappointed!

Have a good night, see you when we’re in Hawaii!



It’s your favourite blogger Filip here!

We decided to have a bit of a sleep-in the first morning before taking our plane to Miami, considering we had a two-day stay in Miami. We arrived at the airport 11 o’clock in the morning and took the train to our hotel, YVE Hotel Miami Downtown.

Our first day began with lunch at Miami Seaquarium, where we would hang out the rest of the day. After the lunch, we really wanted to swim with the dolphins! After a short walk and an even shorter cue, we were putting on swimsuits. The dolphins did flips, twists and even more incredible things like shaking hands and so on. I was so sad when our 30 minutes were up, but it was time to explore the rest of the park. We viewed almost all the shows before returning to the hotel for the night.

Today, the second day, we went to Kennedy space center. It’s like a giant interactive exhibit with real spacecraft’s and other space things! Our first stop was the Space Shuttle Atlantis, a shuttle that travelled many times to space and large distances as well. We went to a cinema there that played a movie shot from the Hubble telescope, which I really recommend.

As we wandered around the grounds we came across the memorial sign. It is 195 square meter and holds the names of 24 astronauts who died in action. In 1991, the current president, George Bush, designated the sign as a national memorial. It was funded in a quite funny way. It was funded by Florida residents who bought Space Shuttle Challenger license plates.

When we returned to the hotel for dinner, Selma started to plan our next stop in Arizona. All I heard was that we had to leave early because the flight took over 6 hours. That is why I’m saying goodbye and see you at our next post!



Hi, it’s Selma!

We arrived at Miami International Airport at 11 a.m. and took the train to our hotel, YVE Hotel Miami.

The plan for our visit in Miami was to spend two days here, the first day was “Seaquarium-day” and the second day was “Kennedy Space Center-day”

Yesterday was “Seaquarium-day”. We left the hotel at 13 o’clock and took the bus to Seaquarium who’s situated on a small island. We started our visit with some lunch and came up with the idea that we should experience the dolphin odyssey. Once there, we were allowed to play and swim with the dolphins and do a lot of tricks with them, they were so talented! After the dolphin experience, we just walked around the park and went to a couple shows, the killer whale show, the seal show and the dolphin show. We had an amazing day and I wouldn’t mind going back there someday.

Today was “Kennedy space center-day”. We arrived 12 o’clock at the space center and went straight to the ticket counter and bought our tickets. The first thing we saw was the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Atlantis was the fourth shuttle built and has done 33 trips up in space since 1985, and the last one was in July 2011. In total, it has traveled 125 935 769 miles in space. Atlantis was super cool and fascinating to hear about.

After we had seen the spacecraft we went to see the Hubble Space Telescope Theater. It’s a 3D cinema where you get to know facts about the Hubble and also see pictures of stars and black holes who the telescope has taken. Some things from the movie I learned is that the Hubble was deployed from Space Shuttle Discovery in April 1990 and placed in orbit 350 miles above the Earth’s surface. The Hubble Space Telescope is still at work in space today, nearly 25 years later!

We went home to our hotel at 18 p.m. and right now I’m planning our visit in Arizona, see you there!



It’s Filip again!

Selma woke me up at 5 am so we could catch theflight to New York. The flight departed at 7:30 am and we arrived just in timefor breakfast at our hotel in New York, Hilton New York. We soon got situated in our hotel rooms which,I’m not going to lie, was quite small. However, it would be just fine for thenight.

We left the hotel at 12 o’clock and due totraffic we arrived at the harbour right before 1 pm when our ferry left. We looked around the island and admired thestatue a bit before entering the crown café at the top of the statue. The visittook about three hours which is crazy because I only thought we were there forone hour!

Well back in the city we started shopping atTimes Square. The number of stores was amazing, but what was even more amazingwas all the lights and commercials surrounding thislittle square. Selma ran away shopping and soon I were too. They had veryiconic stores like M&M’s world and Hershey’s Times Square store!

Want to know something interesting? The NASDAQ sign on Times Square cost 37 milliondollars to build and is the largest LED sign in the world at its 37 feet! Theannual cost of owning a sign at the square is between 1.1 million and 4 milliondollars! The first electric sign was built in 1917 and eleven years later thefirst electric sign was lit to announce Herbert Hoover’s presidential victory!

After our almost 6-hour long visit to times square,we headed home to the hotel and just cooled down a bit. The next stop on ourtrip is Miami, where we finally get a two-nightstay! Until then!



Hi, it's Selma!

At 5 am I woke Filip up to make sure we had some time to get ready before the flight took off at 7.30. We arrived at the John F. Kennedy airport at 10 a.m. and then grabbed a cab to the hotel after receiving our bags.

We had a shopping-day in New York, at Times Square to be exact, and a visit to the Statue of Liberty. We started the day with a bit of breakfast at our hotel Hilton New York. Then at 12 p.m. we took a cab to the harbor beneath The Statue of Liberty. At the harbor, we bought tickets for the ferry who later on brought us to the statue. Once at the 46-meter long statue, we explored it and ate lunch at the crown café, it’s something I really recommend. My favorite part of the statue was the crown, it’s an amazing view over the city up there.

Fun facts: The Statue of Liberty is a lighthouse and a lookout tower, but above all it’s a symbol of the American concept of freedom. The statue is designed by the same man who designed the Eiffel tower, Gustave Eiffel. It was later on shipped over the Atlantic on a boat and then built up again on Liberty Island. So the statue is technically French ;).

At 4 p.m. we took the ferry to the mainland again and went to Times Square. I have NEVER seen so many stores and different restaurants in such a small place, it was fascinating. I did a lot of shopping, and I truly recommend Forever 21, American Apparel and GANT, they had beautiful clothes.

We came home to our hotel at 10 p.m., and right now we’re just relaxing. It has been a fun day here in New York and I can’t wait until tomorrow when we go to Miami!



Filip here!

Finally! After a flight that took forever, we’ve arrived in Chicago! 45 minutes later we checked into our hotel in town. We chose the Four Seasons hotel and it’s literally the coolest hotel I’ve ever been to! It was built in 1989 and has 46 floors, but only the 16 top floors are the hotel. The rest of the skyscraper is a shopping mall with stores like Gucci and Marc Jacobs.

Soon we decided to visit the Lincoln Park Zoo and the amount of different animals is crazy! There were like hundreds of animals, everything from birds to kangaroos! I, however, was very quick to find the monkeys which I found extremely adorable. Well, there I found the cutest monkey I’ve ever seen, the De Brazza’s monkey. It only lives for 5-6 years and lives in central Africa. I might go there later to get one!

At 7 o’clock it was at last time for some dinner. Selma suggested a boat dinner that went around town. However, I was a little sceptical at first but well there it was amazing. The environment was great, the view even greater and to top it off the food! The food was absolutely incredible.

Before I closed my door at the hotel, I heard Selma mumbling something about a spa of some sort, but I was too focused on going to sleep. If the rest of the trip is being as awesome as today, then it’s going to be the best trip ever!



Hi, it’s Selma!

We have finally arrived at our first destination, Chicago!! All the flights took a total of 9 hours, so I was very relieved when we arrived at Chicago O’Hare airport. It was probably the biggest airport I’ve ever seen, and there were people everywhere! I think Filip told me it’s around 69 million passengers at this airport every year, I was not surprised…
At 2 o’clock we went to Lincoln zoo, it was amazing! There were so many strange and beautiful animals there, to be exact 155 different animal species.My favorite ones were the sloths, the African lion, the Amour tiger and the chimpanzees. Filip liked all types’ of apes and monkeys, those were super cute as well! We ate a real American pizza at one of the restaurants there, yum!
At 7 o’clock we went to Navy Pier Park, it was super fun! I believe we went on all the carousels, so we were kind of dizzy afterwards… ;D
We ate dinner at one of the boat cruises and they had amazingly good food.
The view we had of Navy Pier and the Chicago skyline can't be beaten. At 11 o’clock we went home to our hotel, Four Season Hotel Chicago. They have an amazing spa there, so, of course, I went there to relax at the end of the day. Filip went to sleep the second we came home, ha-ha!
Right now I’m in the bed writing this while I’m almost falling asleep, so good night see you when we´re in New York!