So I realize that most people think it's like childish to love or get really excited about your birthday especially when it's not one of the big ones like 10,16,18,25,50,60,70... But I don't care when it comes to my birthday I want to scream it from the rooftops, I'll be 17 tomorrow, July 9th. And even though non of my friends will be there because it's summer and half my family are in different countries. I just am so happy and to make up for the fact I'm only getting one gift and I picked it out, my mum took me to buy all the junk food I want it came to like 1000kr or 100£ or 150$. So any way I just can't wait to be able to say I'm 17 without it being I lie. 😄😄👏🏻👏🏻🎧🎧💅🏻💅🏻🙊🙈🙉😊😊🎂🎂🎂🎂🎊🎁🎁🎊🎈🎉🎈✉️✉️✉️🏆



Ok so I moved away from my friends and family, I then moved back in with my parents but in a different country. I don't know why but since moving I feel like I'm fighting with everyone and everyone is just kinda pissing me off, like some examples,1. I trusted one of my friends with something very personal the first thing they did when I left was tell one of my family members like just because I'm not there doesn't mean it doesn't effect me. 2.another friend of mine starts calling me fake and a bitch all for drinking once at a party which was 3 months before the argument. 3. My parents, I love my parents but since being away from them coming back it's like everything they do is to piss me off and they say it's just there way of helping but it's not it just puts me down. I mean it's like I have done something unforgivable with out even noticing, why do I have to fight with everyone? These are the people I love but I can't feel it.



Ah summer is here and there's so much to do, there:
-Finding the perfect pairs of shoes
-mastering bridesmaids makeup
-my brothers wedding
-my cousins wedding
-getting 3 shades darker
-losing 10kg
-celebrate my 17th
-study for the next school year
-go swimming
-make a summer play list
-try not to spend my money
-do something crazy
-take lots of pictures
-sleep with the stars
-shave head
-master a good hair style
-drink water and eat fruit
-try not to kill any family members
-get injections
-move out of my brothers house
-print old pictures
-stay calm and relaxed



What I look for in a guy:

1. Now I'm not really bothered by looks, I mean just look at my ex's. But when I guy has a nice smile it's like 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🏆😏😘 if that makes sense.

2. I want someone who looks on the positive side of life but if something annoys them they can still get mad.

3. HUGS!!!!!! In my opinion hugs are the key to life. If he is bad at hugging he can get out my face. Hugging is an art form, a hug has to make the other person feel safe, calm, comfy and warm inside. Ps if ur hugs are average give your girl your sweater and she with become a teddy bear.

4. Someone that can lift me and makes it look easy. It makes me feel lighter.

5. Taller then me but not to talk, but I'm only 162cm so that's really not hard.

6. I like guys with abs just as much as all the other girls but guys with just a little tummy it like bae. 👌🏻👌🏻😘

7. Has to be funny/ fun to be around. I want someone I can just chill with without touching our phones, someone that doesn't mind when I'm being weird like playing with there face.

8. Someone who I can go on road trips together. Or travel the world.

9. Someone that makes me feel sexy and cute, silly and smart, and doesn't make me feel fat or low.

10. A guy that encourages me to do what I love, not laugh and say I can't.

11. Ugh this one is like the best one. He has to smell amazing like mmmm I want to be able to smell him when I steal his clothes.

12. Oh he has to be cool with me stealing his clothes, it's a deal breaker.

13. I want to be able to trust that he's not just after sex all the time.

14. KISSING!!! Good kisser. And knows the appropriate time for different kisses. From experience it's just weird when they don't.

15. Honestly as long as he is a good person that respects me and my loved one then we all good👌🏻👌🏻💋🙇🏻👫🤗



This stuff saved my life. I picked it up think I was buying dry shampoo and when I got home I realized it wasn't but because my hair is like the knottiest thing on earth and because I payed for it myself I tested it out it was amazing it made my hair smell good and made it so soft. And now I use it almost everyday it's the best thing on earth.



So I told a friend something today which than made me realize I told the wrong friend which made me think of all the different friends I have and how I act with them.

1. The mother. That friend that is very very very focused on school and gets confused or mad when your not. This is the friend I go to for tips or help for studying and even if we hang out it will only be for like an hour.

2. The player. This in my case is a guy but sometimes can be a girl, this is the person you go to for fun stuff like to talk about hook ups or flirt with as a joke. And the conversation always ends before you talk about anything deep.

3. The tub of icecream. Pretty much the person you go to for anything sad or depressing. Not that she/he helps you get over something but they listen and that's what you need.

4. The bitch. This is the friend that is completely obsessed with them self and who think you're problems and small compared to there's. However there's something about them that make you love them anyway.

5. The wise ass. This friend "knows it all" and tends to be abit older therefore making them know more about life then you. This person looks down at your mistakes but takes care of you and hugs you when you blue.

6. The drunk. Do I really have to explain? These friends just go out all the time and the only texts you will get from them are "do I look like a slut in this dress or is it to boring?" "I hdcjgdbfsvjgnjyd" "my head hurts".

7. The funny guy. Always funny and fun to be around, normally makes you smile just by saying hi and your conversations are hilarious.

8. The green envy. For starters what a cool name. Ok so this friend thinks that you can only be friends with one person. They also always think there bf/gf is cheating on them.

9. The pop up. This friend is some what distant. You talk like a bit but nothing to personal. They also suck at secrets because they know you have to be nice.

10. The bear. This is someone you never really hang out with but when ever they see you they hug you. You only talk about school.

11. The Stone Age. You haven't been friends for a few years but your not not friends, you still ask what's up in the hall way but you don't really hang out.

12. The grim reaper. This friend is kinda depressing and they in my case do a lot of drugs which doesn't help. And since most people hate them. When you wanna talk shit about someone, you can.

13. The icon. This friend is like a typical every thing. Tends to be dumb in most things, good at art, loves Starbucks, dyes there hair, and Instagram is there life. She could talk about tends for days. Also can talk and talk never really shuts up.

These are most of my friends. I have missed like 15 but these are the main friends.