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Now in this cold february month when we’re walking across the streets through piles of snow every day and we’re lucky if the temperature reaches the high 10 C, (probably only happens in the early spring seasons here in Sweden)
well at this point in the year, sadly our fall denim jackets just won’t cut it anymore.❄️

Luckily, there are thousands of stylish winter coats out there that will have you looking trendy and keep you warm, without breaking the bank.

With a little bit of layering, you don’t even need to spend your life savings on a down jacket!

Personally, my latest winter coat is a wonderful 199 kr faux fur coat I bought from Zara when I was exploring the sale products and found the coat on 50% SALE! so I totally recommend you to look on the sale products because you never know what surprise would pop out!

But I can promise that even when walking 15 minutes to class some winter mornings, as long as I had my earmuffs and gloves, I’ve never been unbearably cold ❄️

This Fur coat has already almost survived one Swedish winter, and I have no doubt it’ll survive the next few ones. And best of all, instead of looking like a marshmallow during these icy months, my outerwear is just as fashionable as my outfit underneath!

With puffy parkas like Rihanna and trench coats like Taylor Swift, the trendy coat inspo for the rest of Winter Quarter is endless 🧥


Parkas are the most common of winter jackets, and undoubtedly can keep you warm in the winter!

However, many of them can cost over 1000!

This black padded parka with a faux fur-lined hood is similar to Rihanna’s jacket and only cost half the price from boohoo!

this well-insulated winter investment is worth it. Pair it with jeans or leggings to warm up your look!

Jo Boutique Longline Padded Parka
Product code: DZZ46965
534,00 kr

Wool Coats 🧥

Wool coats are also one of the most common and stylish winter outerwear pieces every season!

With the ability to dress up almost any outfit, a wool coat can turn an outfit for a day of classes into a candidate for a New York street style blog!

This stylish wool coat also from Boohoo is a must have in the wardrobe!

Pair this coat with a sweater, skirt, tights, and boots to complete the winter look

Alana Double Breasted Check Coat
Product code: DZZ34983
330,00 kr

Shawl Coats

Shawl coats are extremely trendy! and one of my personal favorites I have many type of shawl coats but this season i’m searching for this type of a coat!

This beautiful coat for only 168 kr at Boohoo is a must have option! The asymmetric style with a feminine touch is really flattering paired with a dress, tights, and heeled boots 👢

Kate Belted Shawl Collar Coat
Product code: DZZ65279
168,00 kr

Puffer Jackets

Great classics that keep you warm! Although usually pretty extra, puffer jackets are a huge statement piece! 💎

With everyone from Kim Kardashian to Rihanna wearing them, we’re in the midst of a huge boom in puffer jacket popularity. So that we don’t fall over when walking across campus everyday from the sheer size of most puffer jackets.

it’s ideal to buy one that’s shortened — like this Metallic Puffer Jacket from Boohoo.

it’s 100% polyester and trimmed with black faux fur, which guarantees that your outfit will be both bold and warm & you will shine like a diamond 💎

Shaunie Short Faux Fur Hood Puffer Jacket
Product code: DZZ29913
345,00 kr

Trench Coats

Trench coats are one of the most timelessly stylish winter coat options! 🧥

One of my personal favorites too!

Although they’re not as insulated as a parka, with enough layering, they can be just as warm

This classic coat from Boohoo, with button details would perfectly protect you from the brutal winds when paired with a turtleneck, black jeans, and a scarf.

With so many colors and lengths to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one to channel your inner Micah Gianneli!

Abigal Check Button Detail Trench Coat

Product code: DZZ28820

291.00 kr

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It’s always a great feeling to feel beautiful and what makes you feel beautiful are very personalized for me every time i buy a new set of lingerie for myself i feel so damn good!

It’s a really special feeling and i own almost as many lingerie sets as clothes I have haha

Hunkemöller have always been my favorite shop ♥️

My Room is taken all over by the shopping bags of hunkemöller haha

Doutzens First Hunkemöller Collection Have Always Been an all time favorite and everytime they launch a new collection I’m like a child in the toy store 😍

Can’t wait for their valentines collection because my favorite color red are one of the main colors!



I have no words to describe my feelings right now!

I have really put all my soul & passion in this exam collection and in 1 month of hard work to wake up at 6 o clock every morning it has really take an impact on my body to have a stressful weight on my shoulders!

But i’m so proud of myself that I made it!

When I hear people that love my work and give me compliments it makes me so happy that i have reached my goal

La Bellè is my dream vision and this is only the first step towards my dream and i have come so far!

The journey has been amazing the Pattern Making & Product Development are all done

I can’t believe that I challenged myself to make a dress out of plain velvet it was quite hard because the fabric moves so easily but what can I say? I love to challenge myself to the highest level!

Now my Plan is to take a small break from study and find a regular job just to grain the job experience & get some cash since I’m all broke right now and desperate for a job haha and take the drive license!

Wish me all luck!





When i hear the word i feel so excited everything about this amazing city is luxurious!

Haute Couture
Fashion Streets
Romantic Places
French Language
Red Carpet

The Biggest Dream is to walk on the famous fashion streets & hire my own limousine and just enjoy the luxurious moment 💋

I really love this fashion city the french people are so friendly & the city delivers everything you can dream of!

It gave me huge inspiration for my design projects!

And it was so amazing to see the view of the huge city from the Eiffel tower

Love Hayat



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Äntligen har jag tagit Examen inom mönsterkonstruktion! 😍

Åh vad dagarna & månaderna gick snabbt!
Måste bara erkänna att det var en stressigt period det sista månaden men jag hanterade stressen väldigt bra och planerade varje detalj!

Det underlättade även att man hade en underbar klass och vi alla jobbade hårt samtidigt som vi fick planera en modevisning & vernissage på sidan om allt arbete!

Ett härligt TEAM WORK måste jag bara säga kommer verkligen sakna hela klassen <3

Men kommer även träffa en del inom nästa kurs och det kommer bli sjukt spännande!

Nu så har mitt sommarlov börjat och jag kommer bara njuta av alla dagarna!

Mvh Hayat



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Hej alla kära läsare!

Ni undrar säkert vart har jag tagit i vägen med mitt dagliga bloggandet?

Jo det är så att det har hänt mycket den senaste tiden i skolan allt ifrån att skissa på nya kollektioner & lära sig mönsterkonstruktion och tempon är väldigt hög!

Sedan har vi även börjat med processen av vår Examensarbete och det är väldigt många bollar i luften!

Vi har olika individuella möten med vår mentor om examensarbetet och på varje möte ska man presentera design processen och jag har experimenterat en hel del med färg & form på fritiden och har verkligen hittat en häftig teknik att arbeta vidare med!

Känns väldigt skönt att ha lite eget arbete nu under sportlovet och köra på sin egen tempo och vårterminen kommer verkligen att rusa iväg med hög hastighet!

Så det gäller ha hög fokus och planera!

Mvh Hayat