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For the second year in a row, the magnificent Rolls Royce Ghost Series II was named the best Super Luxury Car in the world at the prestigious What Car Awards 2016. Baroque Ground has all the details

Just as in 2015, the judging panel called this magnificent automobile “the ultimate contemporary combination of luxury and technology” and gave it the prize for ‘Best Buy’ in the price category £100,000+.

The Rolls Royce Ghost was originally launched in 2014 at a price of just over £250,000 (around $356,000). The vehicle has grown in popularity year on year and has become the ultra-luxury vehicle of choice for a younger generation of car owners, both male and female. In 2015, Rolls Royce announced plans to expand the range with a brand new convertible model of the Ghost. But until that model is launched, the Ghost Series II remains the most popular in its class.

The vehicle has gained recognition for being extraordinary as well as extremely innovative when it comes to technology and engineering. Driving this model is a glorious, effortless experience. And what also sets the Ghost Series II apart is that the vehicle can be completely bespoke, offering the owner the chance to make the car as unique as they wish. This goes beyond choosing colors for exterior and interior or additional luxuries.

Owners can personalize the dashboard with their initials, choose what type of seats they wish to have, (the sculpted seats can even be programmed to remember your favorite seating position!). You can also select from five different wheel designs and two finishes. In fact, every single part of the vehicle is custom made to suit the owner’s requirements.

This should come as no surprise. After all, the vehicle is built by hand by skilled craftsmen – 30 in all – who combine their skills to create each masterpiece. We’re talking five coats of paint applied to the body of the vehicle, hand-stitched leatherwork in the interior… the benchmark is perfection and they don’t stop until it’s reached.

So the vehicle is put together meticulously by masters of their crafts and the engine is created with the same attention to detail. Although Rolls Royce is a brand with a longstanding name for quality, this does not mean that the brand forgoes the latest in technology. Every aspect of the design is contemporary, up to date, and quite exceptional. The vehicle offers a twin-turbo 6.6 liter V12 engine, and with all of the controls at your fingertips, driving is effortless.

The driver can access everything from the dashboard, which, of course, like all of the interior, is quite magnificent, created from the finest leather and wood veneers.



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So what can we see?

A Lamborghini encrusted with pink Swarovski crystals, a car covered in flowers and an incredible space-age sound system.

This car is so new and hot in market right now so people go wild and crazy about it!
And me I just love it. Imagine to drive it in your district and just press the gas 0-100 in 4 seconds.
Totalt swarovski crystal handmade within a 3 weeks daily for for 12 hours.
Just for you this will cost around 100.000$. No big money for this crystal.

Engine 6.2 L V12 (572 HP) (426.5 kW)
6.5 L V12 (640 HP) (477.3 kW)
6.5 L V12 (650 HP) (484.7 kW)
6.5 L V12 (670 HP) (499.6 kW

Transmission 6-speed manual or 6-speed e-gear semi automatic

And why buy this one? I have my Toyota Yaris and that's enough. Well think again only royalties drive this one! Are you ready to be the new princess in the town?

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