Thinking about relocation, Charlotte is the top destination in the list for this context. From great startups to huge multi-national companies, job seeker to retirees, it has something for everyone. Many people across the world migrate to this place for earning their livelihood. These executives are sent to different locations on long business trips where they have to adjust for several weeks to months. Traditionally a company makes an arrangement of stay in hotels at rates reserved for corporations. Hotels provide no choice of furnishing or the style of units so that guest has to adapt to the environment accordingly.

The mid-nineties witnessed the emergence of the corporate housing industry which offers a variety of units for the business travelers. This industry involves renting of vacant apartments, lofts, condos and Furnished Executive Suites Charlotte NC much more, for the executives or guests. Besides, the cost is a prominent factor which motivates guest to opt this option; here basic charges are less than 20% of the extended hotel stay.

Why short-term furnished housing become ultimate choice of the people?

After the recession, a new segment of market emerged, which involves relocation, temporary housing and short- term engagements. Hotels are too expensive for an extended stay and apartment available on rental are lacked in furnishing and flexible rental terms. Center City Suites originally started as a simple single apartment; however, it has grown to extent that it is now functional in 8 different locations in Uptown Charlotte and other surrounding areas. What is the best resource to locate temporary housing?

An immense growth has been detected in the corporate suite providers, therefore, one can use their website to locate the available listing according to the preference. If a company has sent an executive to open an office in a place like Charlotte, don’t hazel, use the power of the internet and search Extended Stay In Charlotte NC till the accomplishment of this task. A guest can reserve the place with a single phone call and service provider makes sure that nothing goes wrong in this process. Have you ever thought about facilities which you are going to get in these furnished properties:-

You will get amenities such as

24X7 security.


Swimming pools

Fitness center

Professionally decorated

Comfort of home and much more

From the corner of the service provider

With an aim of providing Short-Term Rentals Charlotte NC, to the traveler, Center City Suites are kept on updating their amenities. The company wants to deliver best services at low cost, by cutting down the interruption of the middle man. Center City Suites wants to become an industry leader in the corporate suite arena. We are dedicated to offer quality accommodation services to our customers at super affordable rates which are unmatched to our opponents.

To conclude, in the time of economic crisis, it is highly recommended to hold your money tightly in your hands. Therefore, choose corporate suite instead of an extended hotel stay.



For those, planning for a vacation lasting longer than a week, furnished apartments are an ideal option as compared to staying in hotels. Apart from making you feel completely at home, a furnished apartment also helps in providing several other benefits to you. Irrespective of whether you are on a business trip or waiting for your home to be built, there is no reason as to why you should be suffering inside a small and tiny hotel room.

Some of the amenities provided by a furnished apartment

It is not for nothing that, Furnished Apartments Charlotte Nc are termed as second home. A furnished apartment is designed in such a way that, it makes you feel at home. And, some of the things that you will find inside a furnished apartment are bound to take you by surprise. These are:

Cable TV


Comfortable couch

Washer and dryer

Queen or king sized bed

Desk/office area

While, it is important for you to be always comfortable within your surroundings and enjoy every moment, it is difficult to do so with insufficient and cramped space. However, a furnished apartment gives you ample of room to spread out and make the most of it. Furnished apartments makes little things like cooking, watching your favorite movies, etc, possible for you without getting the feeling of being cramped. The best thing about them is, you need not have to wait for the movers and packers to show up with your belongings as, these apartments, are already furnished with every little thing you require.

Affordable housing

As compared to renting an empty apartment, furnished apartments i.e. temporary housing Charlotte NC can prove to be very affordable and cost effective. While, you will be required to rent out the entire furniture for an empty apartment, which will add up to your cost, furnished apartment can help you save on a substantial amount by providing you with every little piece of furniture.

You will need to shell out the same amount of money, night after night, while staying in a hotel, which will offer very little or no discount. However, with furnished apartments, paying rent on weekly or monthly basis is likely to cost you less as compared to what you pay as your hotel rent. Except for room service, furnished apartments provide you with facilities like Internet, Housekeeping, dryer, room washer, spacious floor plans, etc.

Being comfortable has its benefits

All said and done, furnished apartments are more beneficial at the end of the day. You will experience a great level of comfort what with the furnished apartments providing ample space to move around, a kitchen for cooking, household appliances like, washing machines, dryers, microwave oven and much more. You will enjoy preparing foods which you love to eat.

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