Just what I needed! An awesome trip to London with my best friends ❤

I left on Thursday from Aalborg and arrived to London 16.15 local time. I was very nervous when leaving from home. Quite uncertain how I will find my way from Gatwick airport to the central.. Gladly it was very easy with Thameslink so I worried for nothing.

My first night I was sleeping in a hostel near Russell Square. It was maybe one of the most terrible nights I've ever spent in a hostel 😂 the dorm was a tropical room with three triple bunk beds.. and ofc I had to take a bed from the top. Along with sweaty air and top bunk the bed was way too short! The night was longest I've had in a looong time but somehow I got through it with enough sleep.

On Friday we did some city touring through the famous sights to see.

Big Ben

The River Thames and The London Eye

On Saturday we went to Reading festival. The Festival is one of the world's oldest popular music festival still in existence. It was so well organized that I've never experienced anything similar. There were barely any queues even the visitors per day are around 75 000 people. One minus was the way back to London. The last train went at 12pm and the next one at 6 in the morning.. We had to wait like two hours for a taxi to take us back the 40min drive.

The highlight of the trip! EMINEM! We had been waiting this moment for months! He was amazing, the show was amazing, everything was amazing!

Thank you girls for an unforgettable trip!❤




So! I've been here in Denmark for a bit over a week now. I love Aalborg! This place is so cute and colorful! The buildings are old and beautiful. The "Street Art" movement brings up beautiful art pieces up to the wall by international and local artists.

Here's one by BEZT

I've been visiting different art exhibitions here in Aalborg during Aalborg festivals . In Kunsten - Museum of modern art and Kunsthal Nord.

/1 Kunsten, /2 Kunsten (Roman Ondak - History Repeats Itself), /3 Kunsthal Nord (Alles Kunst), /4 Kunsthal Nord (What's wrong)

We visited with my roommate a cool lighthouse called Rubjerg Knude Fyr. It was an hour drive from Aalborg but totally worth it! The view was SO AMAZING!

- Amanda