Hey everyone... Ok this is my first post here and I hope you like :) well let's go...

Ok, my name is Scarlett, I'm 15 years old and I born on January 10th 2001 09:24 (I think... I don't remember the time at this moment😂)

I'm from Chile (If you're thinking if Chile is that country that have earthquake contantly, you're right👍😝)

Ok, I like so many artists but my favourite is Isac Elliot and I have been Ellioteer since 2013, I know that's a lot of time and yeah, but I'm really really in love with that boy.

About my parents, they are divorced and I dont want to talk about that today because is a very sensitive topic... 🙁 Sometimes I try not to get sad but it is inevitable but no matter... 😊

I have some internet friends from everywhere and if they are reading this remember than I love you so much❤️

Ok, That's all for today

I hope you like it

Kisses from Me😘