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Types of "Dere" in Anime/Manga (Part 1)

When watching an anime or reading a manga, we notice how the characters have their individual personalities. There are several types of "dere"-characters, and I decided to write about the most popular Dere-types to make each one clear.

1. Tsundere

The Tsundere is probably the most known type. A Tsundere is a cold and angry person that usually reacts and behaves violently against others. Tsunderes usually try to hide their feelings, but open up eventually and shows a friendlier personality, especially when they like someone romantically. - Examples on Tsunderes; Tohsaka Rin ("Fate/Stay Night"), Kaname Chidori ("Full Metal Panic"), Aisaka Taiga ("Toradora!"). -

2. Hime/Oujidere

Himedere and Oujidere is the same thing, just that Hime is referred to girls and Ouji to boys ['Hime' means Princess, 'Ouji' means Prince]. This type acts as if they are royalty, whether they are kingly or not, look down on other people and are only concentrated on themselves. - Examples on Hime/Oujideres; Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin ("Ouran High School Host Club"), Mio Aoyama ("The World God Only Knows"). -

3. Deredere

Derederes are always happy, cute and full of energy no matter what, and they don't mind showing off this sincere personality. Even when bad events occur around them do they go straight back to their cheerful smile. - Examples on Derederes; Otome Arisugawa ("Aikatsu"), Sakura Kinomoto ("Cardcaptor Sakura"), Madoka Kaname ("Puella Magi"). -

4. Kuudere

Kuudere-characters are cynical. They show barely any emotions and are very anti-social, but over time they open up a more gentle, expressive side of themselves and show that they actually care. Atleast to the people they are close to. - Examples on Kuuderes; Minami Iwasaki ("Lucky Star"), Mei Misaki ("Another"), Yin ("Darker Than BLACK").



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