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The Black-Haired Woman: Chiyuki

For this Character of the Week, I chose my favourite female protagonist ever, that I have birefly mentioned in the challenge 30 Days of Anime and Manga that I completed not long ago. There will be spoilers in this one so beware if you have not seen the anime Death Parade yet!

Her name in the anime is never revealed until the very end, and she has black hair with a tiny white strand on the right side, so she has always been known as The Black-Haired Woman (or, in Japanese, 黒髪の女 [Kurokami no Onna]). To fans, she is sometimes referred to as Onna, which means "woman" in Japanese. Her real name is Chiyuki, though her surname is unknown.

The series followed Decim, the main character and the bartender of Quindecim, but the way Decim judges souls changes completely and the story makes a turn when the mysterious woman shows up at the bar. As she has no idea how or why she came there, she became Decim´s assistant at the bar and started helping him with the lost souls that comes frequently to the place, just like the black-haired woman. When you die, you arrive at Quindecim to play a game that will decide whether you go to the next life as something/someone else or you enter the Void.

Before the black-haired woman died and came to the other side of Quindecim and was taken in there, she was a college student and a professional figure skater. She had a happy childhood with her warm loving parents and many friends, and got into ice-skating after reading a book at a young age. It became her passion, winning several awards as well. Everything changed for her though when she attempted a jump on the ice and recieved a knee injury that took away her ability to skate. It made her get into a depression and, in the end, she committed suicide by cutting her wrists.

I love Chiyuki´s story because I can relate to it so much. Or rather, I can relate to the whole anime, but mostly her. Not knowing who you are as a human being really destroys you. But it is not only the stories; I also love her personality and appearance. Personality-wise, Chiyuki is an innocent, skeptical and strong-minded woman. Appearance-wise, Chiyuki has magenta coloured eyes, fair complexion and a slender, semi petite figure. She wears a black crop top, a mini skirt held by a white belt, and ankle strap heels. She accessorizes with a necklace and a white bracelet. Her age is 21, height is 170 cm and weight is 47 kg.

Have you seen Death Parade? What do you think yourself about Chiyuki, the young and mysterious black-haired woman?



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