Superb Cosplays

I personally love Cosplay. It really is a talent to be able to become someone else, also someone that is fictional, to 100% perfection. I've tried myself to cosplay before as Hinata Hyuuga from "Naruto Shippuden" but I'm pretty terrible, haha... All I can do is greatly improve by watching other cosplayers. Down below are 6 superb, realistic cosplays from popular Animes (and links to the person's media). I found these cosplayers on either DeviantART or Facebook; go check out their pages!

- Sebastian Michaelis, from Kuroshitsuji. Cosplayer: Reika .

- Yuno Gasai, from Mirai Nikki. Cosplayer: HAPPYHAHA .

- Levi Ackerman, from Attack On Titan. Cosplayer: Dantelian .

- Tatsumaki, from One Punch Man. Cosplayer: Unknown.

- Leafa, from Alheim Online (SAO). Cosplayer: Spinelo .

- Sanji, from One Piece. Cosplayer: Suki Cosplay .