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Purple Day Today

Hello. This doesn't have anything to do with Anime/Manga as usual, but I wanted to cover up this topic anyway. Today is the so called "Purple Day", an international day for the ones with Epilepsy. An event to raise awareness of epilepsy.

To give a bit of background, this day is 'celebrated' as the day to support the Epileptics and the illness. And because it is called "Purple Day", people around the world are also encouraged to wear purple clothing such as shirts. The first event was held back in 2008, founded by Cassidy Megan, and now it occurs every year on March 26th. Cassidy said herself "I wanted people around the world to come together and teach others about epilepsy.". There is an informative site for this, here's the link .

It says on the website, 50 million people have Epilepsy world wide. It is estimated that 1 in 100 people have Epilepsy, and in 50% of cases the cause is unknown. And it is true; so many people have it without knowing why. I'm one of those people: I have Epilepsy. So that's why I wanted to inform the blog too about this day. If you'd support it, that would mean even more to us.~

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