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Okinawa Island

The Ryukyu islands (or, in Japan, called the Nansei islands) are islands located in East China Sea, northwest to Pacific Ocean. These islands belong to Japan, and today I wanted to talk a bit about the biggest island, Okinawa.

First, information and history. This prefecture has over 160 islands with a population of over 1,432,000 people in total. Though, Okinawa was not originally part of Japan; it used to be an independent kingdom and tributary state to China. They were only made to be a Japanese Prefecture in 1879. During World War II, the U.S attacked the islands of Okinawa, thus, they were also under USA´s administration until 1972. That being said, Okinawa has now an unique culture, influenced by Japanese, Chinese and the United States. But despite being a part of Japan today, Okinawa has their own charm, which makes it so interesting.

In general, there are many things about Okinawa that makes it so special, and many things to do/visit. The island of Okinawa is also known throughout the world for its healthy citizens and long life expectancy. The reason behind this is said to be related to the mild climate, gentle people, beautiful ocean and rich earth. If you are visiting Okinawa, a must on the to-do list is definitely to head down to the beach! The ocean is so beautiful it´s unbelieveable, and, you can even find out that some sand are star-shaped.

The meals are incredible, there´s vast marine life, real long summers, annual events & festivals, and so much more. Another fun fact is that the famous sport karate was invented in Okinawa.

I am afraid I will stop it here so the post does not become too long but, if you are visiting Japan, you have to visit Okinawa too! It sure is worth it if you love the above. It is like the dream holiday for almost anyone, I highly recommend Okinawa because of the things you can do, places you can visit, dishes you can eat, people you can meet, etc.

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