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New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star

"New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star" (also known as Girls Mode 4: Star☆Stylist in Japan and Style Savvy: Styling Star in North America) is a Nintendo 3DS/New Nintendo 3DS XL game in the Style Boutique series. It was first released for Nintendo 3DS systems in Japan on 2nd November 2017, followed by Europe on 24th November 2017 and Australia & New Zealand on 25th November 2017. In North America, it was released exclusively on Nintendo eShop on 25th December 2017. It is the fourth installment in the series and is developed by Syn Sophia and published by Nintendo.

It is a fashion simulator game that allows the player to take on various jobs such as running a fashion boutique, make-up artist, hairdresser and fashion designer. The story begins when the fashion-loving main character moves to a new city. Her uncle then reveals that she's going to inherit his boutique, and leaves to chase his dreams. As the game advances, the player will meet several characters that will completely change the entertainment and fashion industry in the city.

It might seem like a game for children, but it is actually really entertaining to play! A perfect Nintendo game that I strongly recommend for the gal who loves anything to do with fashion, make-up, hair and designing (and has a Nintendo 3DS, ofcourse). You can be so creative in the game in so many different ways, it has various functions and things you can do. The player is able to customize their appearance, decorate their own boutique however they want and attract customers based on how it looks like, buy and sell 20,000 different pieces of clothing & accessories and more. In this game, the player is also able to arrange outfits for pop singers and choose the styles of fashion they will wear for their performances. If you are looking for a Nintendo game; buy this one right now! It is so much fun, I do not know how many hours I have spent playing this game. #nintendo #fashion #games

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