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New Nintendo 3DS XL

Ah, I finally got my hands on what I`ve been waiting for to get: A New Nintendo 3DS XL! Yay! It is something I have wanted for a while now so when you buy something after deserving it, you really feel accomplished and even more motivated, so always make sure you buy yourself a little treat every now and then.~

But this isn´t just any treat. The New Nintendo 3DS XL is better than the other consoles in many ways, like new buttons, new appearance, completely new system, and bonus points from me to them, you can still play your older games from for example Nintendo DS on 3DS XL.

I just wanted to share my joy with the blog, even though this is more personal. But that is another thing I´ve been thinking about, if I should throw in some events from my life as well and tell abit more about myself. Maybe that would give the blog more of a personality. Hmm. We´ll see! Oh, and I did take a quick, sloppy picture of my NN3DS, along with two games I bought with it, Pokémon Ultra Moon and Cooking Mama Sweet Shop. Cooking Mama is adorable, even though I hate baking and making food, and Pokémon I´ve actually written about already in a separate post, here´s the link to it.

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