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LightInTheBox - Naruto purchases!

I have always searched for great websites where you could buy anime stuff with good quality and prices. A long time ago, I found , a site where you can buy... anything, really. Everything from clothing & accessories to toys & hobbies and so on. LightInTheBox also have anime things, conveniantly enough. Not everything is cheap, but in general, most of the things are pretty cheap on the site.

I have bought several Naruto things from the website before, so I thought, why not talk a little about it?

The first thing I bought was the green necklace Naruto has all the time on him. It came relatively fast and it was in an okay shape, it came in a little "Naruto"-box. A good way to describe the things are, not the best but not the worst. Though it broke after wearing it quite a bit, so I bought new ones, luckily the necklace does not cost much at all. But that is the thing; the cheaper, the worse it can be. But I think the necklace is so pretty I just kept buying it anyway.

I also bought Shinobi clothes, like the gray fishnet-shirt and black shoes. It was not only for my cosplay of Hinata Hyuuga, but for everyday life too. It was not the best material, though I still enjoyed wearing the things. Like I mentioned just now, I always wanted to cosplay someone from Naruto. I chose Hinata because I simply love the girl. So I bought her whole outfit and a wig. Both the clothes and the wig looked identical to the real deal, which I was very happy about. The clothes and wig were less sensitive of breaking than the necklace, I still have them to this day.

That was briefly about some of the things I bought from LightInTheBox. So the question is ofcourse: Would I recommend this website to anyone else? I´d probably say yes, because in the end, I was happy with almost all of my items (there was just a simple pair of pants that were too small). It is an okay site if you are in need of cosplay things. There are obviously not only Naruto, but other animes as well, like One Piece, Sword Art Online and Attack On Titan. But if you are looking for real, 100% quality, LightInTheBox is not the best site for you...

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