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Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler): Ciel Phantomhive

Kuroshitsuji, also known as Black Butler, is a famous Shounen, Fantasy, Historical, Action anime and manga series that premiered in autumn 2008. The first episode was released October 3rd 2008 and the last episode at March 27th 2009. The series have sequels, but I will be talking about season 1 (which has 24 episodes) and the main character of the first one, which is ofcourse Ciel Phantomhive.

"Young Ciel Phantomhive is known as "the Queen´s Guard Dog", taking care of the many unsettling events that occur in Victorian England for Her Majesty. Aided by Sebastian Michaelis, his loyal butler with seemingly inhuman abilities, Ciel uses whatever means necessary to get the job done. But is there more to this black-clad butler than meets the eye?

In Ciel´s past lies a secret tragedy that enveloped him in perennial darkness - during one of his bleakest moments, he formed a contract with Sebastian, a demon, bargaining his soul in exchange for vengeance upon those who wronged him. Today, not only is Sebastian one hell of a butler, but he is also the perfect servant to carry out his master´s orders - all the while anticipating the delicious meal he will eventually make of Ciel´s soul. As the two work to unravel the mystery behind Ciel´s chain of misfortunes, a bond forms between them that neither heaven nor hell can tear apart."

Appearance-wise, Ciel is a short (152 cm), thirteen-year-old (twelve-year-old in chapters 1-14) boy with bluish-black hair and rich, deep blue eyes. As described by Nina Hopkins, his tailor, Ciel has a "wonderfully proportioned body". His arms and legs are thin, his shoulders slim and his waist narrow. Ciel typically dresses in a way that suits his noble standing, and he has a very extensive wardrobe. He was born December 14th year 1875.
He also almost always wears a black eye-patch over his right eye. Why though~?

Personality-wise, Ciel is an arrogant and shrewd boy, with numerous exalted positions. As the Earl of the Phantomhive house and a distinguished nobleman, Ciel is very strict, proud, and accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. As a result, he has considerable difficulty dressing himself up and doing household chores if left on his own. Ciel is stern with his orders, especially in the assertion of his authority, because he expects his butler, Sebastian Michaelis, to complete them without any shortcomings. Furthermore, Ciel has a relatively cold outlook on life. His main goal is for those who have betrayed the Phantomhive family to experience the same level of humiliation and suffering he did. Due to his horrific past, Ciel seldom smiles.

Some random trivia about Ciel is that...
- ... his name means "sky" in French, Italian, and Norman and also "heaven" in French, Italian, and Old French.
- ... he can speak French fluently and understands Latin.
- ... his favorite flower is the sterling silver rose.
- ... even though Ciel does not like sports and even hates to walk, he is very fond of horseback riding.
- ... he is allergic to cats. He prefers dogs and had one in the past.


I cannot say much about the series itself because I never had time to finish the anime or try to read the manga, unfortunately. But the things I saw, I can judge without spoiling anything, and Ciel is one of those things.
I really like Ciel Phantomhive. I feel sorry and bad for the boy in a way, and I totally understand his style of thinking pessimistically about life in general. Like I said, I do not have much to say... My opinion of Ciel is a bit indifferent, but I do like him and his personality & appearance. It drew me in to the anime even more, and I know many, many, many people really like Ciel as well. He is just a likeable character.



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