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Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) - review

I love movies and series; they influence me so much, especially after I have watched it.
This movie is one that I have been wanting to watch for literally forever, but I have never had the chance to really go and buy it, sit down and see the whole thing through. But a couple of days ago, I got the chance to watch the whole film and I was amazed.

It is Kimi No Na Wa!

Kimi No Na Wa, known as Your Name in English, is a Japanese, animated romantic fantasy drama film from 2016.
"When Taki wakes up, he has a feeling that he has dreamt something important. He was in an unfamiliar room and in another body - a girl´s body. In another part of Japan, Mitsuha dreams about another life, a life as far away from her little hometown as possible. She wishes she was a handsome boy from Tokyo. A dream that comes true when she falls asleep. Suddenly, Mitsuha is living Taki´s life in Taki´s body and vice versa. When they wake up, they have returned to themselves, but when night falls they swap bodies again. While they are, a bit clumsily, trying to get used to being in the other person´s body and life, they think there is a deeper meaning to why this is happening. The question is just... what is it?"

Before I watched the movie, I had extremely high expectations because Kimi No Na Wa has won awards, has such great reputation and huge support from the fans. And the movie did actually live up to my expectations and I was not surprised at all by that. Your Name is a shimmering, beautiful story filled with humor, adventures, fantasy and a big romantic heart. That is the best way to sum it all up, but I will ofcourse go through the film.

Like said, I was very excited to watch it for the first time. I could have watched it in Dub or Sub, and obviously I chose subbed since, if you know me, you know I hate any kind of dub. I always prefer the original, which in this case is Japanese. I did listen to a bit of the Swedish dub and I was... well, pretty disgusted. It just did not sound good to me... Anyways.
The first thing that I noticed was how beautiful the music/OST was right away. It was like perfectly sweet candy for my ears to listen to, and ever since I saw the movie, I have only been listening to the full soundtrack, haha. Next up was how the beginning was kind of like an Anime Opening. Actually, a lot like an anime OP. The story began with slight humor here and there, and it was not cringey humor either, which I was thankful for. It was not confusing; they explained 5 minutes in what was happening (that Taki and Mitsuha had switched bodies), and I get easily confused sometimes so I was glad about that too. I also noticed quickly enough how gorgeous the artstyle was. It was not too little or too much, you know? It was very well done.
I kept rooting for all the characters throughout Kimi No Na Wa because they were all so likeable [in my opinion]. Though, I must admit, the storyline does get somewhat confusing in the middle/near the end. I had a hard time keeping up with what was going on at one point because they were trying to connect the dots. But when I understood everything... gosh, my heart... they sure tug the heart strings! I got teary eyed because, again, I was rooting for everyone so incredibly much. But they made it a happy ending, fortunately for us all. I have seen better endings, but it was pretty good. It was so relieving too when you knew that all dots were indeed connected and you understood everything.
The only thing I will spoil that I was disappointed about was that there was no freaking kiss or even a hug at the end! I was so frustrated about that detail, hah. So I guess you could say it became a "happy-sad" ending for me. But that´s just me and my silly thoughts of wanting to see atleast a little romance between characters.

Overall, it was an stunning experience and I would probably give Your Name a... 8,5/10. Or maybe a 9/10... Something like that, hehe. And, lastly, I recommend Kimi No Na Wa to everyone out there!
I hope you enjoyed my little review; remember to watch it as soon as you can. It is certainly worth it. If you have seen it already, please do share your own opinions on the movie in the comments below!



I love this movie 💛
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