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Japanese Phrases to Use When You´re Angry

We all get angry every now and then, but sometimes, it feels best to say things out loud. The problem is ofcourse that everyone can hear you and gets what you are saying, but if you used Japanese to express your anger, no one would understand a word (unless you are in Japan)! So, to keep it direct, in this short [but hopefully educational] blog post I will teach you 5 simple but effective Japanese phrases that you can use when you are angry.

1) ほっておいて。(Pronounced as "Hotte oite."). This translates into "Leave me alone". Very useful if you want to, well, be left alone and when you are being highly annoyed or disturbed by someone.

2) だまれ!(Pronounced as "Damare!"). This translates into "Shut up!". This conveys your anger good but it is a really harsh phrase. So, you can also say うるさい!(Pronounced as "Urusai!") instead, which means "Be quiet!". The latter one is more commonly used than the first alternative.

3) なんでもいい。(Pronounced as "Nan demo ii."). This translates into "Whatever". Usually, in Japan, when someone tells one "whatever", it sounds perfunctory. It gives the impression that the person is either angry or not interested in the conversation.

4) いいかげんにして よ。(Pronounced as "Ii kagen ni shite yo."). This translates into "Cut it out". This one, I have heard a lot in animes/mangas/games before, so I am guessing it is rather common.

5) 私、怒ってます。(Pronounced as "Watashi, okotte masu."). This final phrase translates into "I am upset". Maybe it is not exactly what you want to say when you are mad, but it has earned its spot here anyway.

Very well, how did you find this blod post? I can only hope you learned anything new that you would gladly use when being angry! I wanted to try something different when it comes to my category "Learn Japanese", and this is what I came up with. Is it a good idea? Does it work?



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