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J-Fair and Japanese Puzzles!

Hello! It is almost Spring Vacation for many schools around Japan and in many other countries. How does that feel? Excited for a break? Anyhow, I wanted to introduce two things. First thing is one kind of toy we can all play at home: Puzzles! In Japan, it is enjoyable to play all kinds of puzzles with the family and friends. And this brings me to the second thing; . is an online, Japanese marketplace where you can find a variety of unique Japanese products including items that can only be found in Japan as well as items that are handmade in Japan. It is so fun to just take a look at them online! And on their site, they have all sorts of things, like Japanese puzzles. I'll quickly share three cute puzzles they have in store that you might want to consider buying for time-spending.

Food puzzles: Food can also be puzzles, which Japan prove with Gari Gari Kun Puzzle and Meiji Milk Chocolate Puzzle . Gari Gari-kun is a popular popsicle in Japan, eventually it became a puzzle, and Meiji is simply a chocolate puzzle where you try and put the pieces back together in the frame.

Rilakkuma 41 Pieces Crystal Puzzle: "Have you ever tried this kind of 3D puzzle? They are called crystal puzzles and the final result is just so cute and beautiful! This is a 41 pieces Rilakkuma puzzle.". I am sure you have seen this fictional character called Rilakkuma before. An adorable bear that's very popular, made originally by San-X. Click here to see the product.

There is more information on the website about their items, and like I said, there's not only puzzles to see but also from awesome Cosplay items, interesting Mangas & Magazines, to sweet Music and Games. If you're into these, definitely check out J-Fair!

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