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Corpse Party & Sachiko Shinozaki

Before starting with the Character of the Week, I would like to give background because I absolutely LOVE Corpse Party. It is so unique and, when I discovered it, unlike anything I had seen before! So, what is it? Corpse Party (in Japanese, コープスパーティー Kōpusu Pātī) is a series of several things; Video games, anime OVA, manga works, drama CDs and live action films. I cannot go over every part of CP, that would be way too long of a blog post so I´ll be mostly talking about the games. This is the history & what it says on the official Fandom Wiki:

"On April 22nd 1996, an adventure game called CORPSE-PARTY was published in the Spring 1996 edition of LOGIN Sofcom No.6. It was made by a 22-year-old college student by the name of Makoto Kedouin, who typically stylizes his surname as Kedwin. On February 26th 1997, Kedwin won the grand prize in the Second Annual ASCII ENTERTAINMENT competition, netting him 5 million yen. It´d be nine years before the world saw Corpse Party again.
On October 3rd, 2006, a retelling of the Corpse Party story was released for the mobile phone under the title Corpse Party: NewChapter. This new version would later be ported to the PC as Corpse Party: BloodCovered. The game then received a remake for PlayStation Portable as Corpse Party BloodCovered: ...Repeated Fear, which was later ported into iOS. Three years later, an enhanced port of the PlayStation Portable game titled Corpse Party Blood covered: ...Repeated fear. was released for Nintendo 3DS.
On September 1st 2011, Corpse Party saw a sequel titled Corpse Party: Book of Shadows for PlayStation Portable. It also eventually received an iOS port.
On July 24th 2014, three years after the release of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, the final part to the Heavenly Host Elementary School saga was released, called Corpse Party: BLOOD DRIVE for PlayStation Vita.

Since then, Corpse Party had many spin-offs, manga and light novel adaptations, OVAs, drama CDs, and live-action movies."

Very well, on to the actual topic that I should be talking about: Sachiko Shinozaki! [Beware though, this information contains some small spoilers about her.]

Sachiko Shinozaki, otherwise known as ´Girl in the Red Dress´, is the main antagonist in the whole Corpse Party-series. Sachiko is the master of the cursed Heavenly Host Elementary School, and was a former student there. Sachiko is a young girl of normal stature, height is 124 cm and weight is 21.3 kg, with long black hair and bangs that cover her face. She wears a tattered red dress and has grey skin, which bear painful rope burns on her neck. When she is appeased, her outfit and skin changes. Her hair becomes shorter, her bangs are kept back by a red hair pin which reveals her black eyes and more defined facial features. This Sachiko wears an off-white dress that she was wearing at the time of her death.

While she was alive, Sachiko was shy and reclusive. In CORPSE-PARTY, it is stated that she neither had any friends nor spent her time socializing too much. She loved her mother, Yoshie Shinozaki, dearly and her death enraged Sachiko, because of which she became a bitter and vengeful spirit. Consequent to her death, Sachiko became the sinister and murderous tyrant of Heavenly Host and used her fatality to ensnare innocent victims to secure their demises. She first started trapping children in the school so her deceased mother would not be lonely, but eventually it became solely a source of amusement. In the end, Satoshi Mochida (one of the main characters) and the others proved to her that nothing she did made her mother happy, which consumed Sachiko with remorse and substantiated that her love for her mother is what mattered most to her at the end of the day, and earned her rights to enter the afterlife, fabricating her as the only spirit who was killed in the school that was able to achieve such.

Due to these exploits, Sachiko has become a byword for villainy, redemption, and high-level entertainment, and remains in many respects a touchstone of Corpse Party culture.

If I had to describe my feelings about her in one single sentence, it would be "I adore Sachiko.", hehe. I mean, sure, she has done incredibly horrible and undescribable things to her victims, but in the end, she turned herself around. Plus, it was never her fault in the first place that she went from an innocent, lovely & alive little girl to a devil-like, vengeful & dead spirit. I feel rather sorry for her and what she had to go through, like losing her life by being murdered at the mere age of 7. It is horrible, so I do sympathize fully with her. She just wanted to be happy with her mother, you know? Tragic...



Wow, I want to see this!
I do not recommend the anime OVA, it is pretty poorly done, but the games are amazing! If interested, you should watch gameplay of them (or play it yourself for full experience)
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