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4 apps for learning Japanese

So, you wanna learn Japanese and need phone apps to help you. I´d like to recommend 4 apps that I myself use to learn Japanese! They are all very helpful and smart. I hope it comes to use.~

1. Hiragana and Katakana - This is a free app with many different functions to learn Hiragana & Katakana, from Study Cards to Lessons to Quizzes (that you can customize). Very useful if you don´t want to spend money learning.

2. Midori - This app costs money, but I think it´s worth it because you get a whole, pretty detailed Japanese dictionary. But it also has other things like translation, lists & bookmarks and more.

3. Innovative 101 Learn Languages - A free app where you can learn many languages, not just Japanese. The lessons are wonderful for learning Japanese; there are SO many videos and audios you can watch and listen to. You can also get your very own Japanese teacher (which I have), that you chat with and send audio messages to to help you on your journey. Though, the My Teacher costs money.

4. Daily Dose of Language - It is also a free app, made by the same creators of Innovative 101 Learn Languages. You´ll learn pretty quickly with this, as it gives you a mini-lesson each and every day. You learn in minutes a day, your Japanese improves easily and you get addicted but not overwhelmed or pressured to learning. It also gives you a notification every morning that your "Daily Dose" is ready.



Så bra tips! =)
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