30 Days of Anime and Manga - Final Day!

30 Days of Anime and Manga - Day 30 - Character you would assemble an IKEA dresser with.

I have no clue what this means, haha... I know what IKEA is (obviously) but I do not know what this question means, so I cannot answer this one, even though it is the final day.

So, finally, I have completed the 30 Days of Anime and Manga-challenge! Yay! It has been a long journey and I loved this challenge, it was really fun to do. It also made me remember a lot of things, characters and events, that I usually would have forgotten by now. I almost wish I could do a similar challenge but maybe try to be more diverse with my answers, other than having Naruto pop up on every other day, hehe... Well, maybe it´ll happen, maybe I will start a new challenge, who knows. We shall see, but for now, thank you for reading my answers and liking, it means a lot to me.

See you in the next blog post!



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