30 Days of Anime and Manga - Day 26

30 Days of Anime and Manga - Day 26 - Least favourite protagonist.

I have a few, but they are all from Naruto... Well, I did say in the beginning of the challenge that most of my answers would be about the Naruto universe, so who can blame me? But I do know the answer in a heartbeat. My answer is definitely Sakura Haruno.

Sakura has plenty of people who hates her, and that is how it is with this character; you either love or hate her. I have many reasons why I hate Sakura, but I do find some small things okay with her. For example, she is as beautiful as the cherry blossom, but beauty won´t get you far. In general, in their universe, she is a pretty worthless female ninja from Konohagakure (Village Hidden in the Leaves).

Why I call her ´worthless´ is because she is a Main Character, she is supposed to be one of the strongest but, heck, support characters are stronger than her physically and mentally. There are many important situations she is placed into where she practically does nothing to contribute at all other than cry her eyes out or beg for help. She also treats the people around her, including her family and friends, so poorly it is unbelievable. What it takes to be a ninja, she does not have that. Literally the most important thing in her life is her giant crush/obsession that she has for Sasuke Uchiha, another Main Character. But she was not, is not, and will never be even half as good as Sasuke is (if he wasn´t attractive, she wouldn´t have the slightest feelings for him anyway). Obviously, since she is a Main, she has her small ´impressive´ moments in the series but otherwise, she really does not step up to the plate as she should be doing. She can get killed with only one attack, that is how weak she is. Sakura does try to look and act useful at many points... but she ends up doing nothing, it is just to satisfy her own ego. She acts stupidly and is selfish, always aiming too high for her own good. If she did not have her friends to always save her from danger, she would be dead from the get-go. Not only that, she does not have anything against making fun of people, betraying her friends or even her village.

As you can tell, I have a lot of hateful feelings towards Sakura [what I feel is] for great reasons. I could go on forever why I dislike her so much but that would be too long of a post... So I will just stop it here. But, what do you think? Does she or does she not sound like a bad, useless person? Or do you actually like Sakura? Let me know!



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