30 Days of Anime and Manga - Day 24

30 Days of Anime and Manga - Day 24 - Least favourite anime.

Like I have said, I enjoy every and all anime, even parts when I can say "okay, I didn´t like this part of the series". But I know one anime I did not enjoy at all; this one may be pretty obvious though, because many people highly dislike it since it is wrong and disgusting. It is "Boku No Pico".

If you have not heard of or seen Boku No Pico, I am happy for you. It is an anime series of three OVA episodes created by Katsuhiko Takayama. It was even released on DVD. Why I call it wrong and disgusting is because it is a yaoi hentai, 18+ anime. Some hentais can be okay, and there´s nothing wrong with yaoi/yuri, no, but this one is the worst. It does not really have a plot, it just contains graphical sex scenes about underage children (that is the wrong part about the anime; they are freaking kids). It is child porn and pedophilia. Plus, no interesting dialogue or character development.

I don´t have anything more to say about it other than DO NOT watch it. It´s not worth it, even if you are curious about it.



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