As many of you know, I run a YouTube channel that is about fashion, beauty and reviews. It's been a long time since I've uploaded my latest video and that is due to the fact that I work long hours. But, anything is achievable as long as you are organized and control your time.

I've been writing down ideas, buying proper equipment and watching videos so I can make sure I deliver my ideas, my opinions and my thoughts on various topics in the right way. So this is a small preview of what you are going to see on my channel really really soon:

TkMaxx Try On Haul!

Autumn is already here and everyone needs to prepare themselves! Stylish coats in various shades of brown or red, oversized sweaters and scented candles are few of the items I call must-haves. This is the reason I went to TkMaxx and picked up some of the coolest brands to show you guys. This store is the best destination if you are looking for good quality clothing in low prices. I'll share more info with you on the upcoming video.

 Soap & Glory Makeup|Fresh Monday

How many times have you said to yourself that everything's going to be different starting from Monday? I have, numerous times. We always blame Monday for giving us such a hard time since we have an entire week of hard work ahead of us. On the other hand it gives us a chance to start fresh, try new things and be better! That's why I decided to create this new series of videos that will be uploaded almost every Monday and it will be dedicated to products that I get to try for the first time and review them, love 'em or hate 'em. The first video to be uploaded will be about Soap & Glory Makeup and I'm really excited about it. I hope you will like it too!

That's it for now. Hope this post gave you a glimpse of what is about to come. Until then, take care xxx.




I won't lie to you, this is my second attempt to start a blog. Usually I start using it for a while and then I stop. This blog though, is amazingly neat and incredibly interesting, so hopefully I'll be able to blog on a weekly basis. Whoever lives in London would know that most of the people work long hours and that leaves you with almost no time for yourself so if my posts are all over the place please do excuse me.

This year has been a complete roller coaster. Leaving Greece where I was born and coming here in London was the most exceptional and terrifying event in my entire life. Met so many interesting people and made a couple of new friends.. One of the advantages of going abroad is exchanging ideas and opinions with people who grew up in a completely different way than I did.

I am here to live the dream, gain new experiences and most of all be happy. You always have to climb the ladder to reach at the top of it and I'm just getting started. I was quite keen on the English language since I was really young so I started studying when I was 7 and by the age of 17 I had my diploma. I also studied Arts by attending Art Classes and was member of a Post- Hardcore band called Till I Drop Dead.. Nothing could compete with my passion for fashion. I've always been interested in fashion and how clothes reflect your inner world and shape your appearance. Of course there is no better place for me to go and study subjects related to Fashion than London. Finished a course in Fashion Business and currently building up my own brand.

I'm really excited to share all my progress or my opinions or even my reviews and lookbooks on this blog. There will be beauty and fashion themed posts along with updates about my thoughts and my plans regarding my brand and anything else I feel like sharing. Talk to you later xxx