the most powerful mood booster for mornings

After waking up this morning at 5.30 am to attend a ”breakfast rave” event organised by Palasia Palasia (check them on social media!) at 7, I am completely convinced that everybody should start their day off dancing. A 5 minutes shower dance, a 15 minute mirror twerk or an event for 200 people, whatever floats your boat and gets you going. When possible, grab your family and friends along, good vibes multiply when shared. Zero pressure, do it your own style because there's no right or wrong and nobody’s judging you. Just you, music, and great people. I guarantee the rest of your day will be a thousand times better after that.

In case you need some help to get moving, here's a short playlist I've put together.

Have a wonderful weekend <3



Oi kuulostaa niin ihanalta päivän aloitukselta 😍