Just landed in malta

dining at sakura

Hey there, just decided to share some of my personal life on this blog. All that I have posted so far is photoshoot pictures and I thought it might be fun for a change. I took a vacation back in early June this year, but I have just banked the pictures and decided that deserve to be uploaded as a diary and maybe give out some tips for along the way.

First off, you have fixed taxi prices from the airport to the city center. From the airport to Sliema, it cost me 20 euro.
You have to wait in line, and pay upfront at the the taxi desk with either cash or card. From there they will guide you to your driver. The airport is really small, therefore its very easy to spot the taxi desk when you arrive.

After we landed, I was starving and decided to try out a small sushi restaurant next to our hotel, named Sakura.
At the restaurant, I just over ordered because I was so freaking hungry. But I did try some new dished that was very exciting.
For example the inura sushi, the brown pockets tasted so sweet and on the inside there is filled with rice.
It tasted like a dessert dish, but was served as a main course. After food, I just passed out on the hotel bed.




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