Mallorca Details

After checking in at our first hotel we headed straight to Gran Folies to have lunch

Stayed all afternoon in the sun watching the sun go down behind the cliffs.

Then catching the real (most beautiful) sunset in the Port Andraxt at my favorite place Cappuccino Gran Cafe.

We didn't complain about the views, but the place was a 100% drunk brittish people place with all inclusive. We even woke up in the middle of the night by a drunk man breaking the emergency exit just in front of our room...

..but then we arrived at this most amazing place! Discovering a new way of doing vacay on the country side surrounded by cows and goats.

The breakfast was damn expensive so we headed to closest supermarket to get breakfast food that we enjoyed on our private terrace every morning.

Days by the pool working on the tan.

Then dinner in the best Italian place!

And pizza lunch in the mountains of galilea during our road trip on a cloudy day.

And a warm jacuzzi bath watching the sunset

Having dinner at the hotel one night. The place is called Hotel Rural es Turo.

Watching the sunset again, from our terrace with a bottle of wine.

Back in barcelona, we did a trip to Sitges with my parents that came to visit.

  • Nära Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spanien



That pizza looks amazing!