Got an early start to the morning today (8:00 is early, right?) as me and Alice-Maria were traveling into Cardiff so that a, she could pick up her driver's licence from the Swedish consulate, and b, so we could drown ourselves in Swedishness and visit IKEA. Actually felt really good to leave Swansea for a bit and do some "exploring". As one must when visiting IKEA, A-M and I devoured a plate of meatballs before the shopping began, although it turned out to become more of a food-shop than anything else.

Once back in Swansea at around 16, I could not help but to fall asleep right away (and who could blame me? Shopping is serious business). Once I had woken up, me and Chris decided that we should go to the cinema, to see La La Land, and take the opportunity to also have some cheeky Nando's beforehand. I am not going to lie, La La Land was nice. The music is absolutely amazing and it leaves you with the urge to skip all the way back home. BUT: there is just something with artsy movies, especially artsy musicals, that is just lost on me. It is like I cannot see what everyone else sees in them. Why do they start flying in the middle of everything? I just do not get it. Could someone care to explain?

Until next time

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