Heat wave and pregnancy

When does it ever go as I planned...?

We didn’t have a relaxed day at the cottage today, but went on a day trip to Geta. We had a look at the apple plantages and walked a nature trail.

Whenever we drive away from the sea we live by, it gets so hot suddenly. I’m no one to complain about the weather being to warm, quite the opposite, I feel like my body was made to live in tropical heat. My hair, skin, and condition over all is way better when it’s this hot. I have no trouble sleeping (as long as it’s dark) and I wouldn’t have any problem with this hot summer if it wasn’t for this big belly, back pain, joint pain and being constantly breathless because of the pregnancy. At least for me it’s like that always during the last month, feeling breathless from just sitting down. It’s so hard to walk around and carry things with a body that can barely carry itself, and be breathless in this heat.

I still enjoy the summer. I love the heat whenever I don’t have to push my body too much and can just calmly walk around on the beach or sit down somewhere. I feel so sorry for Ines who can’t handle this weather at all. She’s clearly suffering whenever it’s too hot for her. The rest of the kids seems to handle it well. I’m gonna be forever thankful for this summer and I’m sure gonna remember it.

Because of the heat, after having dinner with the husband’s brother, we went to a beach at Lilla Holmen. It had everything we needed, Ines got cooled down and fell asleep, the others swam and while Ines slept we had a look at the birds on the island. Canada geese walking around, peacocks, chickens, parrots and what not. A good day this too, but tomorrow we’ll take it easy. Just relaxing and swimming at the beach here at the cottage. At least the girls of the family...