I’ll try to continue on writing about what we eat (while the older daughter shoves a barbie doll up my face every fifth second and the younger tries to press her body through the new safety gate) since I’m all about eating lately. When Ines was younger and we didn’t have a house renovating project, I used to make a lot of healthy snacks. For myself since I’m always in need of a snack between every meal, for Selma in the afternoon, and for the school kids who used to gather at our home in the afternoons. Now I’m about to start again with the snacks, so let me present to you our favourites!

First out the kids’ absolute favourite snack of all times; bananas with peanut butter. How simple. How good. And how healthy!

My favourite version with the two components is a banana-peanut butter smoothie, one banana, approximately two large table spoons of peanut butter and almond milk as much as needed for perfect consistence. So delicious.

Next up is all kinds of granola bars! I recommend everyone to go to Minimalistbaker.com, write “healthy bars” in the search field and try everything. I’ve tried most of them and my favourite so far is Crunchy baked granola bars.

From the same site, the kids and I also love the No bake pb & j bites! If you write “healthy bites” in the search field you’ll also find Mango bites and Dark chocolate hemp bites. None of these contains any sugar, gluten or dairy.

Another kind of healthy afternoon snack I’ve started to make is protein pancakes! They’re either made of same parts eggs and bananas, OR protein powder, bananas, eggs and water/milk. Just mix the ingredients (I mix them with a stick blender for a smooth texture since I’m not so much friends with eggs yet) and fry as normal pancakes. Served with berries, of course! Raspberries and blueberries being our favourites (catastrophy if you asked the dad in the house who has banned blueberries forever since Ines loves eating them with her hands and ends up super messy, so we always eat them in secret when he’s at work)

Then the smoothies! My sons have always liked a smoothie based on milk, blackcurrants, red currants, banana and blueberries best. Personally it’s a little bit too sour for me. The girls and I like a smoothie based on avocado, cocoa powder, cayenne pepper, vanilla powder, dates and almond milk. It’s actually almost a dessert. Another favourite is vanilla flavoured soy milk, apple and fresh ginger. But the one we make most often is banana, blueberries and almond milk. It’s too easy to just throw everything in the blender. The blender which we do not have at the moment, as it broke just before we moved here. I’m dreaming of a Vitamix, to enable smoother smoothies of kale and wheatgrass, grains and seeds, but I realised I’m way too poor to probably ever buy one at least in Finland.

As soon as I start working more, which is next month, I’ll do my best to pick up the snack making routine again. I’ll surely need a healthy snack every now and then and if I haven’t got anything healthy to eat I’ll buy chocolate. That’s me.

Next thing I’ll write about is how to make the best slime and play doh at home! And just maybe we’ll try making bath bombs too! It all depends on whether the plumber has finished the pipes in the combined laundry and bathroom yet...

None of the pictures were mine this time, bananas borrowed from google and the rest of the pics from Minimalistbaker.com!

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Due to some changes in my life (going [involuntary] from vegan to vegetarian, working more, and another thing I can’t really write about yet but some of you might guess) and because I’ve read about other people’s eating habits lately I came to write about my own big change. I used to be a no breakfast-person. I always had tea or hot chocolate though, and later on a used to have a sandwich with avocado and tomato at almost lunch time, but no “real” breakfast. This has all changed! I’m now eating kind of a hotel breakfast everyday. Oatmeal or buckwheat porridge, yoghurt or fil (processed sour milk) with berries, at least two pieces of toasted bread and tea. It’s quite a big change for me! And it does me so good! This sounds so weird but I used to feel a bit nauseous when seeing pictures of big breakfasts wondering how they ever managed to eat so much before noon, especially milky things since yoghurt and such have always caused me stomach pains never been my thing. It feels like such a blessing to be able to enjoy those same foods now! I’m still not a fan of sugary youghurts, but Greek youghurt is ok. I’ll keep on enjoying my breakfasts for as long as I can, especially the milky ones, and planning on including eggs too, but that’s just how far I’ll go and it’s enough for me :) Waiting for summer when the rest of the family have their holidays so we can all have brunch/breakfast together!

Sorry for non-artistic picture! Bread slices still in the toaster and bread crumbles on the table... But this is what I had today!



At this very moment I’m still lying in bed between my two youngest daughters (they still sleep with us, hopefully that will change within a couple of months...) and thinking of how it would be to wake up 6-7 am every morning. Because, that will soon be reality. Of course I wake up when the husband’s alarm sets off and when the school kids wake up, but then I usually go back to bed and sleep for an hour or so until the girls wake up. Ines still wakes up and wants to eat during the night so I’m not sleeping much, and really appreciate these morning hours when I can catch up on some sleep. But, that will all change. I agreed on starting working 80% starting in March. So I’ve got exactly one month to get used to new routines.

Now Ines woke up and comes crawling towards me in her Moomin pyjamas and we’ll have to wake up Selma who could sleep for hours if we’d let her. How are the girls going to handle being put in day care?! I’m so confused with how to feel about all this. It feels good to start working more with something I like (on the other hand I liked tying bouquets all day too, so maybe I’m the kind of type who learns to like whatever I do?!) on the other hand the girls are used to our calm life at home and how will they handle a more hectic life with less attention from an adult? One of my closest friends felt exactly the same as me about the girls, and immediately said that the best for them is to be at home with me until the youngest is 3 years old. But everyone else... Says they will cope. So...

At home in the (still!) chaotic kitchen of ours... The microwave came in just recently and it’s not even supposed to be here, someone just wanted to demonstrate how to make apple jam in it so we brought it in. Anyway, this is our daily life, Selma in one of her ballet desses and Ines walking around doing whatever Selma does.



I’m so bad at updating here, do I even have any readers left? 😬 Oh well I think I had like three readers from the beginning so at least I didn’t disappoint too many people...

We’re still in the midst of renovating an old house, right now the basement is getting a combined laundry- and bathroom. A very small space and difficult to plan. We had to remove a big old pot with a stove used to wash clothes in in the old days. I’m still sad about it! Now there’s a toilet there.

(I might put the pot somewhere else, at least I wish so).

I wish we had more money to build a guest room also in the basement, but I’m afraid that won’t happen. We were too optimistic when planning expenses in the beginning, heh. Like most people I’ve heard.

Those were the house news! Other news are that I started working, little by little. I’m taking care of and helping people in their homes. I like it very much! I thought it might be tough to start doing something after having been at home for so long, but when I heard of the possibility to take care of kids with maybe downs, autism or disabled kids who can’t be in daycare I immediately felt like this is exactly what I want to do. More exactly I’d like to teach a class with kids with special needs, but that would require a lot of studies and isn’t possible for me right now, so this is just perfect. I could start working 80% in March but I’m still thinking about it. I feel like I already decided not to, but we’ll see. So thrilled and happy I got this job, and I really felt like it was meant to be since I didn’t even apply for it but they called me since I had left an application to them last autumn for another job.

My oldest son turned 12 and we’re celebrating his birthday on Saturday. My youngest daughter is turning 1 next week. January is suddenly full of birthdays!

I had such a good evening having dinner and tea with one of my dearest friends which I used to have dinner with every week before (!) They’re now working almost full time and we’ve been renovating and busy so we haven’t met in a while, we decided to pick up our dinner routine again, feels so good!

I’m also thinking about starting to celebrate Shabbat every Friday, in the same way as Elle Garrels wrote on her blog (here) a while ago. It all sounds so relaxing. It’s kind of what we usually do, have dinner with friends, maybe worship (my favourite part, especially if someone brought a guitar och djembe or something), have dinner together tell everyone about our week or what we have been doing lately, pray and have tea. No wine included (everyone have to drive home) and no storytelling until late night, but it still reminds me about the Garrels’ Shabbat. We haven’t called it that, rather just a Friday gathering, but it fills the same need to relax before the weekend, and our Saturdays are almost always more relaxed than our Sundays. Maybe when the house is ready and the kids bigger I’ll try to arrange some Shabbat evenings at our place.



While looking at pictures for my 2017 year summary (don’t worry your not getting one, my life is way too boring) I came to realise just how much my life has changed the past 2-3 years. I’m almost a bit sorry to say that my family life takes all of my energy and spare time nowadays. Or am I just getting older? So it becomes more important than before? Don’t know but I do remember having more fun before :( but I guess life changes and you change with it. Everything has its time, now its time for this.

Can’t remember what I did last year, but at least I remember having a baby I January. Ines was born! I wanted her name to be Lovi and she’s still a little Lovi in my heart, but the dad eventually won the name-war and got hit will through (like always with everything, so stubborn).

I remember spring, summer and especially autumn being so full of activities, I felt like driving or picking up someone from their ice-hockey or football training all the time and cooking and helping out with homework in between. We actually skipped Selma’s swimming school last year because we had so much to do so we needed one day without driving back and forth with a screaming baby in the car.

We thought the summer would be a nice break but instead I really missed having an own garden to take care of and grow things in, and the neighbours were driving very fast in the neighbourhood so I was constantly worried about the kids when they were outside playing. When we found the house and bought it, I was thrilled! The best of all was the 250 metre road to the traffic and a big garden. Lots of space for the kids to run around! And! I might be able to have a greenhouse and maybe som animals later on in life :) I remember thanking God for letting us find that specific spot after a couple of houses we had been looking at being sold to others. Getting to plan the kitchen, choosing wallpapers and so on, it has been both fun and a bit exhausting. I’m happy I got my kitchen the way I wanted it, and so happy I stood my ground since the husband has been choosing everything else in the house and I don’t have the energy to argue about interior design (I got my kitchen!) so I just let him do it his way. Hello dark, gothic palace!

Not complaining too much though, since he’s doing everything by himself and with such a good result you can’t be anything but proud! Like this little corner, can’t believe it was possible to do it exactly like I imagined it! And this work, was not a piece of cake I can tell!

Something I feel like I should care about a little bit more than I actually do, is the wolves that exist around us closer than ever before. Both me and my sister have found tracks in the snow really close to us. Is it stupid or good to feel completely safe in spite of the fact that there is a pack of wolves running around our house at night? Most people seem so worried. But I mean, if people or mostly hunters keep feeding deers and other animals in order to get them closer to us so they can hunt them; isn’t it just natural that the wolves will follow?

One of our visits to Helsinki included an eye surgery for Selma. I’m so proud of how good she handled the pain, everything they did to her and so happy to see her happiness when she finally got her mermaid Barbie she had been waiting for. Now her sight will hopefully develop better on her left eye since the eyelid was lifted up and connected to the muscle above her eyebrow. Thankful to God that everything went fine.

One of the perks this year was the hours I got with my sister alone without kids in December! Throughout 2017 I didn’t go anywhere or do anything completely on my own without the kids, so at the end of the year it felt good to do it just once.

Another thing that surprised me and made me very happy was celebrating Christmas for the first time with my husband’s family, and they had made so much vegan Christmas food! It’s such an effort if your not used to cooking like that, so I appreciated it a lot. Sadly since I’m the only one with this diet I’m the last one on the priority list when it comes to cooking at home, so mostly I just have sandwiches for lunch and dinner so getting to eat a really well made dinner on Christmas Eve was the best gift I could receive.

I keep enjoying this little road to home. It’s a nice little walk of maybe 500 metres back and forth, and Ines usually falls asleep right when we get to the mailbox.

As if the Christmas dinner wasn’t enough, my thoughtful sister made the best New Year’s Eve dinner for all of us! Vegan dinner and desserts! How lucky am I to have such loving and caring persons around me?

The goal for 2018 is definitely to do more blogging, make more time for the things I like doing, like scouting and going to church, going swimming, worshipping and singing together with friends, more Friday-dinners with friends and gardening! In less than a week I’m turning 30! Yikes! (already sound like a 30 something...) don’t even know how to celebrate it, but at least I’ll have a dinner for my closest friends and if I’m lucky my husband will remember me on my birthday for the first time in 6 years 😬 not likely but still hoping! (In his defence I’ll tell that he remembers me on Christmas, women’s day and Valentine’s Day... So far!)



I’d love to have the time to write more about Finnish history, but since I’m unpacking our things at the moment I’ll just recommend you read Alfred Backa’s Finland hundranånting. It’s the history of Finland year by year and its funny and it’s not trying to sweep anything under the carpet, quite the opposite, which is so refreshing.

​This painting by Edvard Isto shows the Finnish maiden being attack’s by the Russian eagle, painted during the Russification of Finland, before we got our independency.

It’s definately a privilege to be born and live in a peaceful country, and I hope many more generations get to do the same. Today my thoughts goes to all the soldiers who lost their lives in the wars. 



I really feel like focusing on nice things right now, such as moving and future and not putting all the kids to sleep on my own every evening (because it’s an impossible task to get them to brush their teeth and do everything on time and be ready before it’s way too late). It’s totally chaos being alone with the kids every evening. Maybe if they didn’t have any hobbies or homework everything would run smoothly but when having to watch the clock all the time it’s too stressful. Try being on time anywhere with a 3 year old with a strong will and a diaper child.

Add little or almost none sleep to this reality and you have me; mother of five, suffering from dementia. No but seriously, Ines needs to stop thinking she needs to eat once an hour at night.

Which is why, I fantasise about the future home a lot.

Here’s what I like. Sadly we’ve found out that our taste in interior design in slightly different. By slightly I of course mean totally, totally different. I’ve got no idea of how we’re even going to compromise with this one. But hey, the wall paper is on discount, same as the lamp, the fireplace is already bought and so on is there even anything to discuss further...? ;)

Quick update. I got a free sample of a colour mask named Espresso, so now I’m a brunette suddenly. Too busy to care too much about my hair nowadays but it was refreshing to get a new colour just over a shower.

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Inspired by: Walk with me Lord - Martha Bass

This journey hasn't always been the easiest, God knows that, but I'm thankful for the experiences and what it does to me. How God is shaping me, because He surely is, I'm so much different compared to who I was 2011 before I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

What didn't change was my luck. I keep having troubles with people from my past life, I keep getting hurt, I keep doing mistakes. God can change me but sin still exist around me. What I'm asking God to do when I'm so down I don't want to exist, I want my life to this point to just disappear, is for Him to listen. To hear my heart hurt (hhh 😅), and go through it with me. I can't do anything else. And so He gets me through it. And what has happened after many sessions like this, praying and crying, is that when the next thing that knocks me off my feet happens; I'm a little stronger, I'm not prepared but I handle it differently. I know that God has been with me through worse things and kept blessing me and showing me His love.

No, the pain never ends, but I'm so happy for the way God has shaped me into handling pain. 

Walk with me Lord.



Today I went to my sister who lives an hour away from me. We had lunch, let the kids play, had tea and ice cream and then we were off to a nearby beach. While the baby napped me and the toddler jumped around on the cliffs and had some quality time together, I think that we both really needed that!

I get so inspired by this place! I have only known about it for 6 years (I think?) but I go there every year at least once and take my time to wander around and think about life and love and God and just feel so inspired. I love the view, the horizon and when you can't see land on the other side just sea. And it also brings back good memories from that very spot, special memories and feelings.

Cousins playing. Ines had a lot of fun discovering the texture of wet sand.



Lately I've been combining housework with looking at kitchen furniture, wallpaper and floors. I figured doing one room and only thinking of one thing at a time is the best way to do it.

Unfortunately this cutie decided she wants to eat all night through even if she's having oatmeal for breakfast and dinner and vegetables for lunch! 3-5 hours of sleep per night for a couple of weeks does things to the brain, can't concentrate anymore and keep forgetting things, and been to tired to do anything but the necessary for a while.

Here's some inspiring pics on what I like, what we like, and what colors and materials we'd like in the kitchen. I'm actually ordering the kitchen tomorrow, so it should arrive just when the concrete in the newly made place for the wood burning stove is dry. Hopefully what we have on our minds will look good!

So lucky for us that the husband can do mostly everything himself, but things that require a certificate someone else is doing and those are the things that will take the longest. I don't really want to think about anything else than getting the kitchen and bathroom and at least one bedroom ready so we can move in already 😁

I've got big plans for the new home! Only it will be doable in one or two years, when We're settled in and Ines is a bit older.

Still so thankful that God made this possible.