life is art

with life we create art

in art life is respected

life is what happens every day

when you notice yourself

admire yourself

you’re are life

that’s why you’re art


be art

cause art never dies

cause art is seen in the future

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My vision on Ganni

The simple yet very stylish shopper who dosen’t care too much about the fashion trends, but just wants to feel sexy and elegant in her light spring summer clothes from Ganni.

Ganni to me is the perfect summer brand, because they truly understand to corporate fun and festive prints and colors into their collections.

I would also say that Ganni is offering fashion that is very different from the hype sportswear collections which are taking a lot of the attention in fashion nowadays.

If this sounds like a brand that matches your style, go visit

//Spot my favorite Ganni looks above the text//




The pictures that are used in the collage is taken from

About a month ago I saw an amazing interview with Alessandro Michele the creative director at Gucci, the interview was about the Gucci Cruise 2017. What really inspired me was the way, Alessandro and the interviewer Tim was describing the current Gucci style as MORE IS MORE.

Here are my thoughts on "more is more":

The reason I really got interested in this is because I in the past few month has been seeing a lot of videos on youtube telling us how less is more, and how we should live a minimalist lifestyle, and for example buy black and white clothes because then it would be easier to find out what to wear when getting ready, because everything can go with each other. - but I'm pretty sure that I haven't seen any little girl having fun, playing dress up with only black and white costumes. We’re getting trained to be decluttering everything that is unnecessary both physically and mentally, but isn’t one the beautiful things about the human, that we are so affected by color and bright smiles, and that we can choose not just to wear one thing or act in the same way all the time.

We have the opportunities to go wild and express our selves with few limits, and most of the limits are created by our selves. I feel like the soul is missing out, and that we are getting very small minded when no mess allowed.

In my opinion, the world has changed so much since the 80s 90s where people had this eye opener, where they realized that fashion wasn't just about wearing what the designers said they should wear, but what fits them and their personality. I think we in some way has got back to before that time. Most of us are blinded daily by the trends and the things that are hype, but fashion (in my opinion) should be fun and creative, and rebellious. It's peoples opportunity to break out of their shells and be exactly who they wanna be.

If our future generations grow up with a mentally saying that they should just go with the flow and then they will be cool, the idea of what to me is Real Fashion would be very hard to remain.

An idea I think we should work more on is that we get the fullest out of every inch of our potential and that we learn to fill our brains with good stuff. As an example: You shouldn’t just eat something when you’re hungry, you should eat good quality food, that actually benefits you, your soul and your body.

Get the right things in, and the bad things will go naturally.

But of course, we should always focus on quality instead for quantity.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments on the Less is more/More is more lifestyles.

Link to the interview -