Get to know me - My friends answer

It’s time to let my lovely, international friends take over my blog! This is a way for you to dig in deeper and learn something new about me, but also for me to see how well they really know me. And I’m really anxious to read the answers – maybe I will realize something new about myself too!

// Tällä kertaa päästin kansainväliset ystäväni näppäimistön taakse, kun he vastasivat kysymyksiin minusta! Oli jännittävää päästä lukemaan heidän vastauksiaan. Kuinka hyvin he lopulta tuntevat minut? Tajuanko itse jotain uutta itsestäni vastaukset luettuani?

Who are you? Henna/Finland, Julia/Sweden & Sara/USA

What are her favorite things to do? Take pictures, win, shop, sleep.

What is her usual day like? Wake up at 11.00, have breakfast, plan on going to the gym (instead goes to the beach, sometimes…), write a blogpost from one of our trips (and planning to do a video blog), hanging out with us while drinking some wine.

What’s her favorite food? How about favorite drink? She loves almost every food (for example sushi and Mexican food), red wine for drink.

When was the last time you laughed out loud together and what for? When Julia got champagne on her eyes. :D

If she could live in any city, where would she live? London, more specifically West Hampshire.

What gets on her nerve? What pisses her off? When she's hangry, when French men yell at her, when someone messes up her plans and are unorganized.

This or that:

Holiday at the beach / Holiday in a city✔️

Early bird / Night owl✔️

✔️Time travel / Space travel

Cat / Dog✔️

✔️Sneakers / Heels

✔️Plan everything / Go with the flow….please

✔️TV-series / Movies

✔️Nights out / ✔️Nights in...depends on how good the party is:)

What are the best qualities about her? She is very kind and happy! She always brings joy to our lives and brightens up our days. She is a great travel guide (she's our very own trip advisor). She is always someone who you can go to talk about anything and you know she will keep it confidential.

What could she work on a bit more? Of course we love her, but we think she should let herself loosen up and be a bit more patient with others.

Tell something others would be surprised to know about her! She’s been bunjee jumping!!!

Best memory together?

Henna: It is super hard to pick only one, since we’ve been together here in Marseille for almost 4 months and we’ve experienced sooo much together. (And of course I’ve known Sara for 3 years from our university). Sara’s birthday here in Marseille was unforgettable cause it was a super fun party night. Never forgetting our walk to home around 6 in the morning. :D But what I really especially loove and I’m going to miss is all our evenings watching Modern Family (and eating chocolate) together, those hangover days haha and having great talks (like when we were at the beach just us) with my best roomie<3

Julia: Like Henna said it is so hard to only pick one of my best memory with Sara. But one of them is when we bought wine and olives and watched the sunset together right by the sea. We sat there for a couple of hours and just talked non-stop while the sun was setting. It was so beautiful and it felt like I got to know you on a new level. And then we went out on a very spontaneus party night which only made the evening even better! Love you<3

Sara: How do you pick just one favorite memory with this girl?? There's so many good times. If I had to choose one though, it would be the day when we went to the beach and had a picnic together. We finished a whole bottle of champagne together and had a great time and a real life talk. So lucky to have met you girl ❤️ love you!

(Haha how many times can you find the word wine in the text? Our Whatsapp-group is called Women who love wine XD)

Right now one of these girls has already ended her exchange and left home, which I am so sad about. Now it became super concrete to myself too that this spring is really coming to an end and I will soon be saying goodbye to everyone. I am so happy to have chosen this city for exactly this spring, I really couldn't have wished for a better exchange! And I am grateful to have met these girls - we bonded immediately the first day and I know this was only "See you later" and not "Goodbye". (*opening up a new savings account for my trip to the US*) Love you girls <3