the Goodies in the Bag

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Remember I told you in the "Insp X WhyNot Christmas Party"-post that I got a goodiebag from Vass PR ? And I told you I would show you what I got in it.
Well, here it is!

I got all of these beauties - and I haven´t even gotten to trying them all out, but the ones that I have tried have got me addicted and obsessed!

The bath and shower gels from Treacle Moon have become bathtub-essentials for me! They just smell sooooo friggin good!

And the Schwarzkopf GLISS hair mask has literally saved my hair lately. You know, I have been dying my hair in basically every shade possible for yeaaaars - which means I have been regularly bleaching it into oblivion.
And we all know how bad that is for your hair.
It has actually been falling out for a while now - I know; freaky! It´s been so damaged that it just breaks off out of nowhere.
But after using this hair mask for just a little while, my hair is so much healthier and heyho - doesn´t break off every time I touch it! Hallelujah!!

And also, the eos lip balms;
I remember literally collecting these like pokemon-cards as a kid, and over the years I sort of forgot that they existed. But after getting them again, my purse and I are never leaving the house without one.
I keep putting it on aaaall the time!
...for several reasons, actually; first of all because my lips always get super dry in the winter, and I there are few things that I despise more than having dry lips.
But honestly, the biggest reasons I use them as much as do is because they taste and smell incredibly good! haha! That is always a huge plus in my book!😉
And let´s be honest, they look pretty cute.

Another thing that is currently living in my purse, so that I always have it with me when I go out, is the Weleda Skin Food - It´s suuuuuch a good moisturizer! And my hands are almost never dry anymore after I got this! (and they also aaalways get dry in the wintertime)

I haven´t gotten around to test out the Emma S. oil serum or the SwissLashes Eyelash Enhancer yet, but I am pretty damned excited to - considering how much I adore the other products that I got, they must be really great as well 😍

Thank you so much again, Vass PR for this aaaaaaawesome goodiebag! I am in looove!💜

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