Monday Morning

I have reeeally fallen out of routine lately - which is understandable, actually, ´cause I´ve had quite a lot going on, as well as I´ve been struggling to literally just walk/sit/stand, on and off, because of my hips/ overall legs (snapfam knows)
But last night I took some time to clean the living-room a tiny bit. Not much, but enough for it to be a bit more cozy in the morning.
As you know, I truly believe that the way you start your morning is sort of like a forecast of how your day is going to look.
And a clear space equals a clear mind.

So this morning I woke up, to a clean living-room, I made tea - and my awesome boyfriend actually made me breakfast -
I sat down with Noldus (the cat) on my lap and watched an hour long documentary with Alexa Chung for British Vogue, called "the Future of Fashion".
I seriously do recommend checking it out if you are as passionate about fashion as me and want to pursue a carrier within the industry. It was really cool, informational, cute and inspiring.
There are two parts actually, and you´ll find it all on British Vogue´s Youtube channel.

Here is Noldus. Yes, he is in fact wearing a turtleneck. He gets cold, you know - as he is pretty much naked. And also I think this is the first sweater we made for him that he actually seems to like. Turns out our cat is quite the fashionista.

After this super chill morning, I feel a bit more ready to tackle the day - which will consist of a whole cr*pload of schoolwork, writing, reading and probably tons of coffee.

How do you start your days?💜

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