Now that I have travelled to quiet few places, I am looking to become a travel blogger as this is my true passion all compacted in one. Blogging and Travelling, however due to unfortunate circumstances of being a female, I have that anxiety of not being able to travel alone. Whilst also looking for a great partner who love travelling and can have the best time experiencing new adventures.

I am purposefully looking for a female in their twenties who don't mind having a camera in front of them ready to capture all the beautiful memories that can be standstill forever. I am neither rich or have ridiculous amount of time in my hands so it will be very easy for us to save and plan for the trips.

If you are interested please comment below🌸✨✨✨

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Half of the time I have felt un appreciated and the more I grow up the more its shown clearly to my face. Its very easy to say to someone you appreciate and love them but its very hard to prove it. Half of the time we think that we do show it, and you tell yourself I know I show it but looking back maybe it has not been seen clearly to the other person who is receiving.

I believe that actions speaks louder than words even though action can be the most important however there is equal importance to both saying and showing. I always grown to believe that growing up everything will get better but it seems to get worser. There is a time when we are almost there to achieve but its never happening or it happens in a spectacular way than expected. Sure everyone is scared of the future, thats what I believe but I know the future has its mystery. I do believe in God and 80% of times I leave it to him however I have worked hard to achieve what I want and believing that pulling my own strengths will also prove to God that I want it.

My point is, I have had hard times that I has taught me the most lessons especially when I turned 17, thats when I started to see a clear picture of the world and waking up to reality, I sure thought that everything will get better but I repeat it only gets worst. I mean I try to make myself better and setting myself goals but along the way, always challenges arise. I have learnt that I am sensitive even when I know I am strong. I thought that I deserve things in my life but then again I realise nothing can be handled to our hands freely unless you have some sort of return or by just working hard to get it, so my plan was I go and get it and I am still trying to get it. But I do have a fascination of why others get it without trying, but then we are different and have different destinies. But why? I always ask myself. I know what I want but then I normally don't get what I want, I get the opposite or even better which I am grateful, the pain I feel for not getting with the happiness of getting even better makes a combination of my life.

I have insecurity with myself and hesitation to everything I am doing, I always feel that I make everything happen by the little faith that I have and the boat to help me barely pass by to my destination. I constantly have fear which ends with me turning down the best opportunities I could ever have. However I always love truly and keep trying. I am always disappointed by people or by something that I truly put my 100% compassion to and I am so confused in understanding if I am getting disappointed or am I the one disappointing. I fail to understand that this is normal and only I had been too available and trying to please everyone only to end up an happy within myself. But then I am only starting to understand my own WORTH!.



HAPPY WOMENS DAY *******8 March 2017*******

She has high standards. She won’t settle for boys that treat her disrespectfully. She won’t hold onto friendships that are toxic. She won’t let anyone that brings her down remain in her life.

But she isn’t a hypocrite. She holds herself to those same standards.

She expects herself to reach the stars, so she hates herself on the days when she sits in bed with a bag of chips and skips the gym. On the days when she doesn’t get enough done.

Of course, no matter how much she accomplishes in life, no matter how much love she gives, she keeps pushing herself further. She wants to do more. To be more. Because she knows she’s capable of more.

She’s insecure, because she believes in her potential and she knows that she hasn’t reached it yet. She trusts that she’ll succeed, but wishes that she could see more progress. She wants to know that she’s on the right path. That her faith is justified.

No one sees how terrified she is. No one notices that she’s struggling to stay strong.

She looks like she has it all together, so friends don’t think she needs any reminders of how beautiful and talented she is. They stay quiet when she’s secretly screaming for their encouragement. When she needs someone to tell her she’s been doing her best and that her best is good enough.

She may seem like a superhero, but she’s still human. She still needs support. She still needs her friends.

And those friends are part of the reason why she’s so insecure. She’s selective about who she keeps close, so if you’re in her life, you matter. She feels like you deserve the best, so she wants to give you everything. As much happiness as she can.

But that’s impossible to do. She can’t control the lives of others — but she tries. She tries to take her boyfriends on romantic dates and find them the perfect birthday gifts. She tries to take her friends on fun nights out and cheer them up after breakups. She tries to make her parents proud.

And it drains her. Taking care of herself is hard enough — add that to trying to take care of everyone else — and it’s a wonder how she survives.

But she does. She finds enough energy to make it through her days with a smile. Because she isn’t the type to give up. She’s a fixer. She’s a giver. She’s an achiever.

Even though her insecurities might slow her down, they never stop her. She ignores the nagging voices in her head that tell her she’s too stupid or too ugly or too inexperienced.

She does what she sets out to do — even when she’s not sure if she can succeed.

Really, you can’t blame her for feeling insecure. She’s that way, because she has high standards. Because she never thinks she’s earned enough. Because she knows what she could be and isn’t going to stop until it becomes her reality.



No. 1 Do Not Compare😨😲

In 2016, I thought of the reason why I am not successful in some of my plans, coming to my thought, I was comparing myself to others. This has led to a long term unhappiness with myself because I always thought I can never be like them even when I have tried for years to be one of them. I came to a conclusion that everyone is unique and every plans and goals I set, was mine to achieve at my pace and use the opportunities I have to make them happen.

No. 2 Respect👍

Respect is free and less time consuming, I have realised that having self-respect, encourages self-worth of yourself and in others eyes. Thus also giving respect, comes a long way and brings incredible feeling of respecting another persons worth.

No. 3 You cannot please everyone 😒

Simply you cannot!

No. 4 Positive Thinking😁

In 2016, I have learnt to think positively, even with the worse situation being positive can take your mind of the negative part that can lead to more

No. 5 Not everyone wish you the Best😏

Everyone will give you a big smile when you do well but most of times, some people may not be happy with your success, in 2016, I have come to a realisation that "The enemy you know is better than the best friend you don't know".

No. 6 Love with all your Heart😍i

To love and to be loved is the best feeling and healer of heart. Loves comes a long way to me and I always love greater.

No. 7 Family and Friendship👯👫

Family is very important in our lives and they are the reason why we are mostly happy because they are the people who actually love us truly and will be always there. However not everyone in family will be close to us and I have realise even blood family can be enemy we don't know.

What I learnt about friendship is -------- Quality over Quantity, I will be so happy to have that 1 dear friend who is loyal to me than 1000 friends who are our own enemy among them.

No. 8 Stop worrying about the future💡

I am one of many people that worry about my future, maybe my past was not the best but for my future I have dreams however I have always been worrying. 2016, I learn't to not worry over things that I do not know the future of and that I do not need to worry about them yet. Less worrying the more excited I have been, I have planned the most important things in my life but still I will never be sure if some of them might happen because future is a mystery.

No.9 Life is too short to be unhappy😞

I will be honest, I have seen myself and everyone being sad and unhappy with small things that we could easily turn them around to positive within time but we all suffer from being unhappy at different times. During my teen years, I have been making myself the most unhappy girl that can be among all the girls I bump onto, I always compared myself to others, i put myself down and I never had confidence and faith with myself and this caused my unhappiness through the years, talking about other factors that also contributed to my unhappiness. However I have grown to stop being unhappy over ridiculous things that I could turn them to positive, less thoughts and comparison to other the more happier I became, of course no human can go without being unhappy sometimes, but I leave that to God and factors that are uncontrollable cause to my unhappiness.

No. 10 Forever is always exciting🕛

Thinking of forever has been my favourite topic in my head, I always want to dream about forever even though, there are factors clearly might not allow the forever!



Hi, I'm Sania, a 20 something year old who is excited to share my thoughts, experience and life with you. Welcome to my blog and lets grow and be happy together.😁