Många av er tänker just nu, vem fasiken är tjejen på bilden och varför lägger hon upp bilder på henne. Låt mig berätta kortfattat berättelsen om den här unga tjejen. Detta inlägg kommer jag skriva på engelska då den bör nå ut till mer än endast svensktalande personer.

The latest Palestinian minor to be arrested and reportedly beaten by Israeli forces is Ahed Tamimi (16). All this happened after a video that went viral of Tamimi slapping an Israeli soldier just for her rights. The Israeli education minister Naftali Bennett said after seeing the video that Tamimi should spend rest of her life in prison. And guess what, they may give her seven years in prison. And for what? Yess just for defending another person! We can not forget that there was a reason why Tamimi kicked the soldier. She was defending her self, her family and her country Palestine which is under occupation of Israelites. Let me tell you a little bit of what Tamimi is known for. She is well known as an activist who stand up for the Palestinian peoples right. She's a young Palestinian girl that always stand up for whats right and she is not afraid of the Israelis or even the guns they have. Tamimis dream has always been to become a football player, something that will not happen as long as the israels control them. A young girl with big dreams and we as Palestinians are so proud of her.

Let me be honest with you guys! Ahed Tamimi is not the only one being arrested or the only one with big dreams. Ahed Tamimi is not the only one standing up to Israeli soldiers and also not the only one standing up for peoples rights. Most of the Palestinian teenagers have a courage and a strength within themselves, something that the zionists never will be able to take from them. The israelis have took all the things from the Palestinians but they don't know that Palestine is inside of each one of us and not even the power they have can take it from us. As a Palestinian I feel ashamed of most of the politicians around the world for not standing up for humanity and for the children. You politicians who are talking about human right and about children's right to a safe life life without violence and terror, where are you! Shame on you!! Or sorry I forgot that we are Palestinians so we don't have the same rights like all the other people. Theres no problem if we live under other peoples control, or if we are bombed and threatened every single day. Theres no problem if our parent are being murdered in front of our eyes or if our sisters and brothers are being kidnapped. I forgot that all these things doesn't matter for the world, and why?! Yes, because we are Palestinians. We are the people of Palestine! Perhaps our Palestinians voices aren't heard, but one day everyone will see how we will liberate our Jerusalem and our whole country from the hands of the zionists.

In conclusion, I am just going to say "Free Ahed Tamimi"!

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