Holahaloj everyone! So I've finally moved to Södertälje, and even started school. When it comes to the school I do not have that much to say because we've just been there for two days. The only thing that I can tell you is that I'm the youngest one in my class and that I also do like the school. But when in it comes to the other subject, "living alone" theres many things I can say and relate to haha. To be honest it was harder than I thought it would be. Many thing that you just have to take care of and do, and at the same time theres no one around of you that can help you or anything. Im not scared of living alone in a small apartment, but the thing that I hate not knowing what to do and how to spend my time when theres nothing to do, specially now when I still don't have any friends here in Södertälje or Stockholm. But at the same time its funny because you feel that you're doing nice and cool things at young age. And when it comes to cooking food so I swear guys I've not even used the oven. Sooo yeee maybe this is something I have to learn as quick as possible haha or I will just go back to Landskrona for some nice home cooked food from mum haha.

Since I'm not doing something special thees days, theres not much to write about. Now I will just find a good series to watch. Have a nice evening todos! Ciaaao

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