More Paris eating: Brunch at L'entrepôte and dinner at Relais de l'Entrecôte

Well, we did some more eating this weekend. For instance we discovered a really nice Sunday brunch that I can recommend for anyone living or staying close to the 14 arrondissement, and metro station Petry in particular. L'entrepôt! Held in an old theatre with a lovely outdoor patio (which you do have to book in advance to get a seat at.) and cosy interior with old movie posters on the walls. The buffet costs 31€ which is kind of pricey but it does really live up to it's cost. There's everything on this buffet.

One very patient man carrying my bag and forced to be the subject of my photo.

The one thing they could have done better is the warm up of the food. The bacon and eggs-dishes were quite cold. Otherwise we were pretty blown away. The dessert table!! So much yum.

We also had dinner at Le relais de l'entrecôte. Oscar goes there when he visits London from time to time (they have a few restaurants in big cities) and he really wanted me to try it out too. So we did (I was veeery tired this evening and the cold had gotten the most of me so I wanted to go home but we compromised by choosing this restaurant. It was close to the metro.)

​And yes, they only serve one dish! It was very yummy, the fries were nice and the meat tender. The sauce was different from the Londonian one, Oscar claimed. He did not think the French version to be an improvement. I frankly don't know what I thought, since my tastebuds were a bit off from the cold. And you get a second serving of the dish. The first time I experienced that in a restaurant. 

After that we rolled home, me sweating like a pig and then freezing my ass off because, you know, fever. End of foodie adventures for this time!

Today I celebrate 1 month in the Baguette Town with having another of my schedule free Thursdays and running so many errands my legs actually hurt. I went to three Stock shops here in the area where they sell old collections with better prices (Maje, André and Les Petites...) but did not find anything, to Tati (which is similar to Primark), the bank, the post office, two art supply stores in the 10th and Merci and to H&M at Champs Elysée and bought myself gifts (HAPPY one month!) and then I came home and went straight to grocery shopping. I'm spent. I'm going to bed. Hope your Thursday was good too!