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Party season is never over; from weddings to housewarmings, it seems like an endless string of invitations that require you to get dolled up. Instead of panicking that you have nothing to wear and RSVP’ing “no”, try these helpful style tips to get yourself party-ready without blowing the budget or pulling out your hair (hey, we’ve all been there!).

1. Type of Party

Your first step should always be to figure out what kind of party it is, and what sort of dress code is expected. There’s nothing worse than being dressed to the nines for a casual soirée, or—even worse—being underdressed to a fancy shindig. Become a party detective and assess the invitation for clues like location, number of guests, and occasion to get a feel for the expected attire. If you’re a straightforward kind of gal, go ahead and simply ask the host—better safe than sorry!

2. Ignore Trends

The biggest mistake women make is wanting to show off the latest trend at parties, but this inevitably means you’re stuck with an outfit you can only ever wear once. If you absolutely love being on top of all the latest trends, try to incorporate them into other aspects of your outfit, like shoes, accessories, or top layers. This way, you’ll most likely be able to wear them again, even after the next trend pops into style, so you’ll get way more bang for your buck.

3. Shoes

Ladies, stop squeezing your feet into beautiful but hellish heels! Beauty doesn’t have to be painful. At a party, you want to enjoy yourself and mingle, but uncomfortable shoes don’t make it easy. Do yourself a favour and find shoes you love that also love you back…they’re out there! You’ll appreciate them when you don’t have to walk around in your bare feet because your poor, swollen feet won’t fit back into your stilettos.

4. Stand Out

Parties are meant to be fun, so it’s time to take a little pleasure in your outfit. While the LBD is a lifesaver and deserves a shrine, sometimes you want to switch things up. Try rocking a dress in an eye-catching colour or pattern that you normally wouldn’t wear, and watch the compliments roll in. When you’re crushing it in a dusty pink slinky

number in a sea of boring black gowns, it’ll feel pretty great to have all eyes naturally drawn to you. Or, skip the standard cocktail dress and try out a jumpsuit or midi skirt for an outfit that’s a little outside the box but just as fantastic.

5. Balance

No matter what you do, always make sure your look is balanced. This means that if you’re wearing a low-cut dress, balance it with a longer hem, or if you’re wearing a bright pattern, minimize the accessories. Less is always more, so keep your look simple; there’s nothing more annoying than having to fidget with wayward accessories or travelling hems. An easy-to-wear outfit will make you feel more confident, and there’s nothing sexier than that.

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Looking your best, and staying on trend, is easiest when you have a solid starting point. With just a few staples in your closet, you will never again be without the perfect look for any occasion.

Here’s a look at the wardrobe essentials every woman should own:


First things first, all women should own a little black dress. This wardrobe staple is perfect for the office, a fancy date, or that last minute wedding invite. To get the most wear out of your LBD, choose a timeless cut that flatters your shape. Avoid trendy accents that may become dated. Dress your dress up or down with accessories like statement necklaces, scarves, and bold footwear.

Something Shimmery

Who said shine, shimmer, and sequins are only good after dark? Do not shy away from shimmering in the sunlight. Add iridescent fabrics like silks and satins, and details like sequins to take your daytime glow into your nighttime fun. If you are looking for something subtle, try sequins arranged in a delicate pattern like this one:

Comfortable Flats

No woman can wear heels all the time and when it comes to shoes, comfort can be incredibly fashionable. Flats come in a variety of styles from loafers to sandals to ballet flats and sneakers. Depending on your outfit and personal style, the shoe you choose is up to you. A black or a nude flat is a timeless choice but don’t be afraid to step out of the box a little. Go with a white canvas sneaker or a ballet flat in a bold colour like red.

Classic Trench Coat

It is important to have outerwear that is both functional and fashionable. A trench coat can be worn over everything, from jeans to your best business suits. Never going out of style, a trench is something you can wear for years to come. Look for a neutral colour in an A-line. This style will flatter all body types because it cinches at the waist, creating or emphasizing curves.

Vintage Jeans

Denim is a staple in any wardrobe and nothing says casual and cool like a pair of vintage jeans. Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours combing the thrift shops to find the style you want (although, you can do that too), designers have been creating a variety of vintage looks that are so amazing no one will ever know they are brand new.

Bold Accents

Every wardrobe should have unique pieces that speak to your personal style. The easiest way to express yourself is through your accessories. Whether it is a funky handbag, a bold patterned scarf, or a statement necklace, the right accents can dress up your favourite jeans and t-shirt combo or put your personality and style on display for date night. Just be sure to keep it simple. When going with something bold, one item should be more than enough.



Expecting a new baby can be at once exciting and exhausting. The anticipation can often bring equal measures of joy and panic. This is why the best gifts for expectant moms will always focus on celebrating the joy, and keeping the panic at baby - the panic, as well as all the less than ideal symptoms and pregnancy.

Whether she’s a first time mother, or a veteran, every expectant woman appreciates a present that helps her relax and enjoy the experience of being pregnant.

Here are some of the most thoughtful and treasured gifts you can give an expectant mom.

1) The Gift of Indulgence

There are so many things pregnant women are told not to eat and do: no more night’s out tippling cocktails, no more excessive caffeine, or runny eggs, or luncheon meat or sushi or hot-tubs. With all the things pregnant women can’t do, it’s important to help them remember all the things they can. Gift them a spa day, or a gift certificate for their favourite tea shop. Buy them the really fancy and good quality hand and body creams and soaps they probably won’t buy themselves. Buy them a mini-vacation.

Sure, they will have to make some concessions for baby during pregnancy, but they are totally entitled - and encouraged - to indulge themselves in self-care and self-love. Help by giving mom everything she needs to take time to take care of herself. After all, healthy mom, healthy baby!

2) The Gift of Comfort

From almost the moment of conception, moms-to-be can be subjected to intense discomfort. Morning sickness, dizziness, food aversions, inconvenient cravings, intense fatigue, cramping, back pain, ligament pain, and all the fluctuating hormones can make pregnancy an incredibly uncomfortable time. By the end of a pregnancy, most women can’t even walk, breathe or sleep without discomfort.

Help make this time as bearable as possible by giving her gifts to ease the pain - or at least help distract me. Body pillows are an absolute hit with pregnant women, since they help them sleep more comfortably. Soft cashmere sweaters, throws and scarves are also a beautiful and thoughtful gift. While most health care professionals will encourage expectant mothers to steer clear of super hot baths with salts, gifting her a foot bath with salts is a wonderful way to help her ease her tender and tired tootsies.

3) The Gift of Autonomy

An expectant mother may have another life within her, but she is still an autonomous being. Sometimes society forgets this. Heck, sometimes the woman herself forgets she was an independent entity prior to conception. This is why some the best gifts are just for her: they have nothing to do with baby or the impact baby has had on her body. A beautiful necklace, or earrings or a bracelet are wonderful gifts.

If you’re not sure where to start looking, the gifting experts at Zjoosh have some of the very best gifts for mom’s: gifts she’ll love now, and cherish forever.

4) Gifts She Needs

Not every woman is armed with a battery of friends and relations who can help her out with necessities for baby. Not every woman can shoulder the expense by herself. Some of the gifts she’ll need will be for baby: diapers, wipes, baby washes and lotions, bassinets and cribs, baby toys and books, clothing, car seats, nappy bags, strollers, baby wearing contraptions.

Other things she’ll need will be for her. While she may not want to or be able to leave baby for a night out or a massage, there are things she’ll be able to enjoy that will make her life easier. Mothers of newborns have a notoriously hard time eating properly, so you could stock her fridge and freezer with delicious meals and treats. You could pay for a meal delivery service a few times a week. You could just pop in with takeout yourself. These little things will take a load off mom’s mind.

Another major concern is house cleaning. Baby, of course, is the priority, so chores can fall by the wayside. Hiring a house cleaning - even just once - is a wonderful gesture for mom. A clean house and a full belly will help her relax and enjoy these precious moments with her wee bairn.



The Most Figure Flattering Cocktail Dress Styles


A dresses ability to be figure flattering comes down to one thing: your figure. Not your sister's figure, or your best friend's figure or some model's figure. Yours. Of course, since we are often first see dresses we love on someone else, it can be difficult to gauge what sort of dress would be figure flattering on us.

Wonder no more. Here is a rundown of the most figure flattering cocktail dress styles, hand-picked for their ability to rock your best assets.

The Wrap Dress
Best for women with rounder figures.

The first inclination of many women with rounder - or ‘apple shaped’ - figures is to hide their bodies under loose fitting clothing. You can understand where the impulse may come from: you carry weight around your middle, and you want to hide it. Unfortunately, baggy clothing only serves to accentuate what you are trying to conceal.

The best thing you can do for your figure is to play it up. Even if you do have a rounder figure, you still have some shape. Emphasize it with a wrap dress - by far the best dress to for your body type. Since this dress draws the eye to the narrowest part of your torso (i.e. about two inches above your belly button), it adds curves to your mid-section, giving you a more shapely look.

The Halter-Dress

Best for women with wider hips.

Let’s begin by saying that hips are a thing of beauty. Unquestionably. However, for women who have wider hips than shoulders, this asset can feel more like a liability. To balance out your look, opt for a dress that features a halter neckline. By drawing the eye up to your shoulders, a halter top will detract from your hips. You should also opt for a dress with an A-line skirt. This cut falls gently away from your hips, rather than hugging them.

The Empire Waist

Best for women with narrow figures.

If your body has a more rectangular shape, with very little difference between your hips, waist and shoulders, create the illusion of curves with an empire waisted dress. This dress features a skirt that begins right under your chest, which will add fullness to your narrow frame and instantly add shape. The skirt doesn’t have to be particularly full: A-line is good. It’s just important to remember that if you are going to go for a tighter fit, then opt for a dress with colour blocking and a flattering neckline to create curves. Think figure hugging an off-shoulder empire-waist dress that features black on top, and white on the bottom. This will make your hips stand out because of the colour, and your shoulders stand out because of the cut.

The Sheath Dress

Ideal for women with wider shoulders.

If you want to make your wide shoulders look more narrow, opt for the figure hugging love of a sheath dress. This will emphasize your hips and create a more balanced look - that is, if the neckline is right. Avoid strapless, spaghetti or halter tops that emphasize your shoulders. Instead, opt for a sleeveless or sleeved top with a V-neck. This will draw the eye in, and shave inches off your shoulders.

If you have an hourglass figure, you have the most balanced sort of body type. You can wear whatever kind of dress you’d like and get a figure flattering look. However, for the rest of us who weren’t born with balanced bodies, these dress styles will give you the most convincing appearance of proportion.