Bitcoin mining – Bitcoin investment

Though several investment schemes are prevailing in the market, there is always a craze for cryptocurrencies. The surge in the price of leading cryptocurrencies has pushed many investors to put their funds in. Though mining is the best possible way to get access to cryptocurrencies, people still hesitate to mine. They worry about the myths on escalated costs with mining. But the cryptocurrency's recent price plunges have thrown the doubt away. Crypto players, either big or small, started mining their favorite crypto assets to get massive returns.

Problems you face

As an individual who is interested in crypto investments, you may not know where to start. With no clear idea of mining, you cannot even think of mining Bitcoin or other leading currencies. An individual cannot afford conventional cryptocurrency mining hardware. But still, is there any way that could help you mine coins?

Crypto Expert Icon Miners - The solution

Crypto expert icon miners offer cloud mining services for Bitcoin, Etherum, and Litecoin. You can get access to the mining capacity of these leading cryptocurrencies from our remote centers. In layman's terms, you can start mining your crypto assets right away without having to buy expensive mining rigs or spend a lot on your electricity bills. This cloud mining is very cheap compared to setting up your mining rig, which even takes more time.

Need for hash power

The hash rate is the specific rate at which the mining machine operates. The virtual currencies need to be mined, and the network should be maintained to keep it running effectively. To mine cryptocurrencies, the miners have to solve complex mathematical puzzles. This requires a lot of computational power and energy. In 2019, a report stated that Bitcoin mining accounted for 0.2 % of the entire world's energy consumption. And the networks are still growing and are energy-intensive. This creates the need for massive hash power, making the machines make a million guesses per second.

A transaction must be validated before appending it to the blockchain. This hashing of blocks is the solving of equations to validate the transactions that occur in the network. Once the block is hashed, the data becomes immutable, and there is no room for hackers to tamper with the data.

Each block header contains the summary of information carried by the block. The hexadecimal number that the miner has to get below to validate a block is called Target. A successful validation that earns a bitcoin involves a machine hashing the block's header to get it below the target.

So, the more the mining machine's hash power, the higher the chance of finding different combinations to hash the block' header.

Our perks

We take care of maintenance.

Crypto Expert Icon Miners offers four tiers of plans: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and custom that help you mine your cryptocurrency. There is nothing the users have to do with maintenance. We take care of everything. And the added advantage is, there is no maintenance fee for mining Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Great returns

You can get as high as $2490 weekly when you mine Bitcoin with us. The return depends on the plan you choose. We offer you the best way to earn passive income without any hassle. All you have to do is select a plan that suits you the most and enjoy making your cryptocurrencies.

Massive hash power

Crypto Expert Icon Miners is the world's largest provider of hash power. We provide more power when compared to our counterparts in the market. Massive power is what makes us stand out from the crowd. You can enjoy as high as 64 TH/S.

Mine Bitcoin Right away

The mining rigs are already running. On setting up your account in Crypto Expert Icon Miners, you can start mining right away. There is no time that you have to waste on setting up or installation of hardware.

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