Darkness is for the weak, brightness brings a sense of knowing and strength to master one’s abilities. But without the darkness, we would be weak. Imagine yourself in a dark tunnel, lost in the dark, without any possible way of knowing the direction out. To sit still, without even an effort of movement in any direction, right or wrong, will forever leave you forever in darkness. A step in any direction is one step closer to the light. So you learn that being in the darkness at least once, makes us realise what power and strength the darkness gives us. We become more focused within our minds than the outer world; we learn never to give up. Giving up is the only failure, just keep on going.

When you walk down the street, look at people and image the life that they are having through their eyes. When you talk to people, you begin to read more into body language, making the feeling that you know the legitimacy and the consequence of a story before they have already finished talking. Try to make someone smile; it’s easy it just involves playful persistence. Find the level and stay on it. You will be surprised how differently people treat you and remember you.

It is time to step up the game, no more emotional mess. This involves focus and stability and do not let emotions take control. You are in control of your own mind, you know you are. When you want to stop crying because someone walks in, you can. You just need to control it on a larger scale.

Daylight breaks, the memories of loss come pouring in. The battle from holding back the emotions to concentrate on a more successful day begins. Focusing on what is already lost leaves you looking backwards. Whilst trying to walk forward, looking back will make you trip up because you are not visually aware of the risks and challenges ahead.

Locked inside a troubled mind, is just another maze you need to solve. A maze is just a puzzle that can be solved with enough wrong turns or preferably enough right turns. Close your eyes and you can feel the power of insight. Imagine that in the centre of your forehead there is an eye that is closed, closed due to the programmatic training given by our mentors throughout our lives. Each day, focus opening on the imaginary eye. It is easier than you think.

Do you ever walk down the street and feel slightly jealous of others, living an ordinary existence? When you need to get something done, do you find people slow? Do you feel anger towards the individual who gets to the shopping counter without even considering that the payment process is next? With empathy, you understand and sympathise these situations, without empathy they are merely obstacles in the way. To know what is right or wrong is not as simple as your mother and father once taught you. Right for who? Wrong for who? Think about that for a second…

Generally speaking, the more empathetic you are towards people the lower down the food chain you become. Is this where you want to be? Do you believe that a King is a King by feeling the emotions of others? You rule nothing whilst in the mind of someone else.

Now it is time to take control, of emotions, of life, of dreams, of fears. Knowing your own strengths is not half as important as knowing your own weaknesses. By knowing your vulnerabilities, you know where your defensive strategy should kick in and strengthen to protect from a breach of your goals.

Racism, what is this? Does the colour of someone’s skin dictate their soul? Imagine being born in a different colour or race to what you currently are. Everyone seems to see you differently now, do you prove them right and live up to your negative expectations or show people that the man inside has no colour. What race? Other than the human (rat) race, there is no other. Just a system of labelling and judgment to justify the unethical treatment of localisation races

We need to stop!
Stop looking for God or whatever you wish to call it, look for good.
The world will take a change for once.
Stop looking at what you see and look at what others see.
Stop funding the deaths of millions, while millions starve without even hope of life.

Many famous classical musicians lost their sight, but they never lost their vision.
Watch the film Ray. Not classical but still a classic.



There are endless amounts of people that believe in vanity as a way of life. Beauty is much more than vanity.

Often people get confused between beauty and vanity, there is a huge difference. Beauty cannot be bought, beauty is something that is grown naturally, by developing ones soul. I look around these sites of mostly Scandinavian bloggers with new lips, new breasts, latest fashion and all sorts of mere pointless non-sense. You say you do it for yourselves, but just like any other addiction the first step is admitting you have a problem.

What kind of message do you give your children and grandchildren. Be happy with who you naturally are. This cannot be taught by a mother or father who obsess on looking and being fancy. Where is the joy, where is the happiness other than the fake smile you put on whilst taking your selfie.

A person who loves you, is a person who loves YOU. Who will prefer your morning breathe to the taste of toothpaste. Who prefers you without makeup, than looking like a Kardashian doll.

You are losing your individuality and believe it or not your making yourselves and future generations ugly of nature.

How many times do you need to hear that your pretty before you stop trying?

How many wrong lovers do you need to find, because of it being based on the fake cover of you?

This is not an attack, just an enlightenment to the destructive path you are bring on yourselves, your partners and your offspring. How you choose to read it, depends on your level of depth.