The day has come!

You may already know our story or not, either way here it is!

We met on Gran Canaria 9 years ago, got engaged in India 3 years ago, then planned a wedding that got postponed, then we had a baby, and it was set on hold.

Then 2020 turned out to be a different kind of year entirely, and we just wanted to feel more like a 'family' and went to the courthouse last summer 9th of July 2020. It was a bit of spontaneous thing and we didn't have rings prepared, and decided to use our engagement rings for the time being.

So to be able to get to work with Alexander Tillander and have them design our rings was the perfect fit for us!

Alexander Tillanders story starts in 1860 when it was founded in St. Petersburg. However during the uncertain times of 1917, they closed up shop and moved to Helsinki. Today Alexander Tillander is one of Finlands leading Jewelers!

Of course Johannas ring is the star of the show! - 'Diamonds are a girls best friend' as they say!

It is a solitaire diamond ring. Not too big, not too small ;) As it is common to wear your wedding ring together with your engagement ring in Finland (I did not know this until recently) they designed it so that it would fit with and match Johannas engagement ring.

Personally I decided to not go with a diamond ring, but a traditional golden ring with a nice matte finish! This is after all a ring I will use for the rest of my life, and I am really happy with it :)

Alexander Tillander is located on Aleksanterinkatu 17 in downtown Helsinki, and we went to visit a few times to go over the design of the rings, and we even got to visit their downstairs workshop to see the process first-hand.

Here you can see the Master Goldsmith at work!

Picking up and seeing the finished result for the first time :)

Here below are the rings together with the sketch for Johannas ring.

Finally I also made an attempt at some product photography. I might need to get myself a macro lens for next time if I want them proper sharp, but it was fun nonetheless! :)

Oh, and last but not least, here are some throwback shots from GOA India, December 2017 :)

As always, keep on shining! :)

- Rune




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