A few days by the lake

Last week we jumped in our car and drove 4 hours north to this hotel resort on Lake Saimaa! We were a bit worried about the long drive, but everything went fine with beautiful driving conditions! :)

It was quite nice to get away from the city for a few nights, and just like in Helsinki they had the perfect winter weather there! I would even say it was more perfect! The thing is Helsinki is by the ocean and I guess the humidity is quite different than if you go inland. The temperature was more or less the same, but it felt a lot warmer up there, and we could be outside and enjoy the snow without feeling cold which was nice!

They had lots of winter activities like the kicksled that we went with (I honestly had to google this. In Norwegian this is called 'en spark' which translates to 'a kick', I wasn't even sure if these things existed outside the Nordics!) and they also have skates you can rent, and you can book activities like snowmobile, or even go and meet some reindeer. We thought about meeting the reindeer, but the activity was taking place during Elias' nap, so had to skip it this time!

This is one of their landscape suites (I guess you can also call it a glass igloo?), which we didn't stay in, as we had a bigger room in their main building. But these Igloos are quite unique with their panoramic view! We got to borrow one for a few hours just to check it out and take some pictures, but I can only imagine what it's like in the nighttime, admiring the stars! <3

It was such a great little winter escape, but they are open year around, and it only makes me wonder what it would be like in the summer? I guess we will have to go back to find out :)

For those wondering, the resort is called Järvisydän. This is not a sponsored blog post. Our stay was gifted in exchange to exposure on our Instagram accounts.

As always, keep on shining! :)

- Rune




Such nice pictures!!