Wearing Makeup For The First Time


Hello guys! Happy Thursday!

As you read in the title, it's my first time wearing makeup, I haven't wore it before just the lip balm (does that counts?) It's been a while since my mom had told that she would show me how to apply makeup, but I just answered with "ok, one day" and that day came last weekend.

Firstly, I had never wore makeup because I didn't feel like I needed, still I think the same way, but my mom told me that maybe one day I would need it, maybe in a special occasion, so she would teach me the steps; even though I was not into makeup , I watched tutorials due to I like how it looks when it's applied correctly and not too much, also the world of makeup is incredible, there are different products, palettes, brushes for all kind of styles.

That day my mom showed me the products and the way to applied them on my face, she made a little demo on her so then a I could do it by myself. The first step, after moisturising the face, is the foundation to proceed with the blush, I wore a revlon foundation and a pinkish blush. For the eyes, I tried with a subtle look first and then with a night style with the darker eyeliner, during this step I felt weird cause my lashes looked so black and long, and finally the lips, I used a pink lipstick, I didn't do anything with my eyebrows cause they are thick and black. When we finished, my mom showed me more products she has, like the eyeshadows and lipsticks, and she gave me my own makeup kit in case I would love to do it again or more frequently, she told me that those are the basic steps that she always does, but there are more but she likes the subtle look.

I liked the experience, I think I don't look so different, just my skin looks prettier, what I like the most are the eyeshadows because you can mix them and match them with your lipstick and clothes, is a magical world in which every girl can experiment and be creative. Would I do it again? Of course! I really enjoyed, but not everyday, only in special occasions or weekends.

Let me know what do you think about the results. And are you makeup lovers or not?

Until the next time! Bye! 😘

Rosa Iveth xx


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