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Hello again! 😊

Do you know what I admire the most about people? Their incredible positive attitude towards anything, there's always people we know that even in the darkest situations they manage to have a positive and bright attitude towards it; this kind of people is constantly filling the room, or the place they go, with they energy and positive vibes, making us smile and feeling good. The most of the time, they have this big smile on their faces, and the second you see them, in a way they make your day better.

For these reasons, the positive and joyful kind of people are such good friends to have, you can be sure they will always infect you with their joy and enthusiasm.

That's why I challenge you to have a positive attitude towards anything in life, maybe at first glance may seem dark but changing the perspective you look at it and facing it with the head up it will become clear and bright. Trying to keep a positive attitude with a smile on your face may be hard at first, but doing it a little more often will make you feel really good and full of enthusiasm, and it could even make the people around you feel better.

Have an incredible week and remember to smile! 😃

Rosa Iveth xx


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It's definitely a challenge I need to take on. I'm kind of a cynical person quite often, and it's something that I don't like about myself and want to change. What I learned, being extremely sick and hospitalized last week, really in the darkest situation of my life, is that I still do have a strong will to live, I was so miserable, I could have given up, but even during the worst of it, tengo ganas de vivir, I want to live, and live well, and the best way to do that it to maintain a positive mental attitude.
Hope you're better now!
Thank you Rosa, while I'm feeling better, I'm still having all kinds of tests and labs they have to monitor, not really out of the woods yet, keep me in your prayers please honey <3
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